Six degrees of separation: from Alexander McCall Smith to Sherlock Holmes


Six degrees of separation:
Alexander McCall Smith
Sherlock Holmes

This is really cool!
Using my own rules for this fun meme hosted by Kate at Booksaremyfavouriteandbest (see there the origin of the meme and how it works – posted the first Saturday of every month), I started with a mystery and indeed on one.
Here are my own quirky rules:

  1. Use your list of books on Goodreads

  2. Take the first word of the title offered and find another title with that word in it

  3. Then use the first word of THAT title to find your text title

  4. Or the second if the title starts by the same word

So here the result. After the covers, you can find the links of my reviews or the title on Goodreads:

  The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency marie-antoinettes-darkest-days
onfessions of Marie Antoinette Ex Libris
Studio Saint-Ex  Uno studio in rosso


1. The No. 1 Ladies’s Detective Agency
2. Marie Antoinette’s Darkest Days:
Prisoner NO. 280 in the Conciergerie
3. Confessions of MARIE Antoinette
4. Ex Libris: CONFESSIONS of a Common Reader
= on my TBR
5. Studio Saint-EX
6. Uno STUDIO in rosso
= ok, I cheated here. I couldn’t find any title with ‘studio’ in it,
but then, this popped up… !!
I did read A Study in Scarlet (actually all of Sherlock Holmes),
so I judge myself allowed to use it… in Italian!!





2017: my year with Sherlock Holmes

  The Complete Sherlock Holmes  a-curious-collection-of-dates The Sherlock Holmes Book

2017: my year with Sherlock Holmes

As part of the Classics Club, I had decided to read The Hound of the Baskervilles. Well, as I usually tend not to do things halfway, lol, I thought I might as well read all the works about Sherlock Holmes. I actually ended up LISTENING to them, as my experience is that most mysteries are actually much better as audiobooks. Thanks to my library, I was able to listen on Hoopla to all the novels and short stories narrated by the amazing Simon Prebble.
I decided to listen to them in their order of publication.

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Video for Sherlockian Month at Book Bloggers International

Sherlockian Month

click on the picture to see the daily features

October 2015 is

Sherlockian Month

at Book Bloggers International!

Book Bloggers International had the great idea to do a special month on Sherlock Holmes.

Please come this way to see the video I did for them, and the cool audiobook I reviewed.

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