20 Books of Summer 2023

20 books of summer


Once again, 746books.com organizes a special challenge:

20 Books of Summer
June 1 – September 1st

I am back for my 4th participation.

So here is the file with my 20 books. Actually, I‘m listing only 15, as I want to leave room for spontaneous reading.
Last summer, I ended up reading 28 books, but only 16 were on my original list.

I color coded the genres:
as usual, a mix of nonfiction, literary fiction, science fiction, and mystery.
8 are classics.
As for the format, I may end up listening to some of these, depending on the availability through my public library.

Why these books?

  • 4 have been on my physical shelf for a while
  • The classics are for my Classics challenge
  • 2 are brand new French novels
  • 1 is for review
  • and 1 is for a buddy read, in French:
    if you are interested in reading Jules Verne’s classic in French, Voyage au centre de la terre, please join my Discord channel.

Here is my chart, feel free to copy the format if it’s of any help for you.

I will update it as I go along :

How many of these have you read?
Which one is your favorite?


29 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer 2023

  1. Good list–I’ll be interested in your reviews. I read Journey to the Center of Earth aloud to my kids one winter. We were surprised by how much we enjoyed it. Sadly, we had to read it in English. Enjoy your read-along.


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  3. As always, your list is very diverse. I look forward to all your reviews, but especially… One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest, The Ipcress File, and The Honjin Murders.

    Tracy at Bitter Tea and Mystery


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  5. I have read: Robb’s “Discovery of France”; Verne’s Voyage au Centre de la Terre. Thoroughly loved both! I am adding Poe’s The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket to my list–we just vacationed in Nantucket recently! Always love your recommendations. Robyn


    • I believe I have read Robb’s book before, I actually think I had recommended it to you. But I don’t remember much, so I’ll start again.
      It will be fun to see if you recognize Nantucket in the book!


  6. Great list. I’ll be looking out especially for your thoughts on Mrs Dalloway and Sound of the Mountain. I’ve heard good things about Honjin too. Ages since I read Verne but of course I’ve only read English translations.


  7. Excellent list.

    I’m curious about “Joie de vivre: Secrets of Wining, Dining,
    and Romancing Like the French” I hope it’s not too full of clichés.

    This Excel spreadsheet is look like it’s been made by a finance controller ! 🙂


    • Yes, we’ll see for the clichés. though clichés are seomtimes so well on target that I no longer consider them as clichés.

      “Finance controller”. Hilarious. I was actually very bad at math at school and hated things like economy.
      By the way, I had forgotten to add a value for my daily goal, added it thanks to your comment, lol

      Liked by 1 person

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