Friday Face Off: The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

Friday Face Off

The Friday Face-Off was originally created by Books by Proxy:
each Friday, bloggers showcase book covers on a weekly theme.
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This year, there’s no weekly theme, you just choose a book you have recently read.
The four books I have read so far this year do not offer too many options, so I’m going with The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, one of my last reads in 2022. This book has 642 editions available on Goodreads… Don’t worry, I only feature 9!

I actually listened to the whole work, that is both The Wonderful Adventures of Nils and The Further Adventures of Nils Holgersson, a total of 17 hours of audio.

It is really a fascinating Swedish children’s classics, publiched in 1906-1907.
Click on the links to access my short review.


Click on the picture below if you want to identify the various editions
You can also right click and ‘open image in new tab’ to zoom in

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils


My favorite cover is the 1992 Harcover edition by Floris Books, because of the artistic quality.
The 2018 Arabic edition didn’t put much effort: just reverse the cover! But the art is not as detailed, it looks more like a bad scan job!

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Have you read this book?
Not sure about my next participation,
all depends on how my next reads will qualify


11 thoughts on “Friday Face Off: The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

  1. I still have never read this, but I would like to! The Floris cover is lovely but most of the others are quite nice. Why do all of them have Nils riding a goose, except the French cover that apparently has him being carried by an eagle? Does that happen in the book?


  2. I think I will go for the top left cover, it is great. I am ashamed to admit I have not read the book, although the story is well known to me. There is even a sort of statue not far from where I live with a goose and Nils on top of it. It is from the province of Skåne (Scania).
    Selma Lagerlöf was commissioned to write the book as a geography lessor for school children. I think it is a wonderful take on how to learn things. Unfortunately, it seems these kind of commissions have been lost these days.
    I think I have to put it on my classics list. Thank you for sharing.


    • Yes, I knew about the background, and indeed what a clever idea. If only my geography teachers had been as creative! You will enjoy it even more than I did, I am sure, as all the regions and names will resonate with you


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