Nonfiction November 2022: Book Pairings

Nonfiction November 2022

#nonfictionbookparty: Instagram Daily Challenge
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Here is the topic for Week 2 (Nov. 7-11):
Book Pairings
hosted by Rennie @ What’s Nonfiction?

This week, pair up a nonfiction book with a fiction title
(or another nonfiction!)

It can be a “If you loved this book, read this!”
or just two titles that you think would go well together.
Maybe it’s a historical novel and you’d like to get the real history
by reading a nonfiction version of the story.

I usually do nonfiction/fiction pairs, but the list of nonfiction books I read this year didn’t inspire me really for fiction titles I have read, or they are not yet available in English!
So I’m offering 5 pairs, either by the same author or on the same topic.
The book on the left of each pair is one I read this year.

Click on the covers to get more details



L'Axe du loup Consolations of the Forest

Sylvain Tesson is an impressive traveler (often on foot), and his books are so hauntingly beautiful.
The first one I read by him is stunningly beautiful:
The Consolations of the Forest: Alone in a Cabin on the Siberian Taiga (2013).
Here is an excerpt of my review:
“I totally fell under the charm of its writing, a mix of haunted beauty on the nature setting, of deep and sometimes ironic or humorist reflection on the human condition, and notes on lots of books the author took with him, when he decided to go live by himself for 6 months in a little cabin on Lake Baikal, in Siberia.”



Down and Out in Paris in London  Finding George Orwell in Burma

Down and Out in Paris and London is Orwell’s autobiographical details on his miserable time in both cities.
Years ago, I read an excellent book by Emma Larkin, “a fascinating political travelogue that traces the life and work of George Orwell in” Burma, aka as Myanmar: Finding George Orwell in Burma.



After the Romanovs The Romanov Sisters

Helen Rappaport is an impressive historian, focusing on Russian history. Her books are so documented, yet so pleasant to read.
The first one I read by her was The Romanov Sisters: The Lost Lives of the Daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra.

A short excerpt is included in my review.



Wabi sabi Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi is a fascinating Japanese concept or way of life.
Wabi Sabi, by Mark Reibstein and Ed Young (liustrator), is a great way of presenting it to children … of all ages!



Absolutely on Music Murakami T

Haruki Murakami is my favorite contemporary Japanese author.
he’s mostly written novels, but he has also a few interesting nonfiction novels.
His interviews of Seiji Osawa are so fascinating.
On the lighter side, it was fun reading about his favorite T-shirts!



29 thoughts on “Nonfiction November 2022: Book Pairings

  1. Great list. Down and Out in London and Paris is the only one of these I know, and sadly still on my TBR though I do mean to get to it soon. The book you’re paired with it, on Orwell’s time in Burma sounds very tempting and one I’d like to look up.


  2. Some wonderful combinations here. I have just read a collection of stories about travelling the Transsib, could go with one of your pairs. But the others all sound totally interesting, as well.

    Book-Paring is one of my favourite weeks of Non-fiction November. My Week 2.


  3. I have read Down and Out, but none of the other titles. I might like to pick up some of Murakami’s nonfiction one day. The Consolations of the Forest sounds like something I would enjoy. My pairings for this week’s post are mostly about the Arctic, which isn’t too far off! ;P


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  5. Fantastic pairings, and I love seeing so much nonfiction! L’axe du loup is the Tesson that I most wish would be translated into English because I so want to read it, although I’m not especially hopeful since it’s a bit longer compared to his others. I will continue to dream though!

    I haven’t read either of the Helen Rappaport books you included, although I really enjoyed both of hers that I have read. I like anything Romanov, and I have a copy of the Romanov Sisters I really need to get to!


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