Top Ten Typographic Book Covers

Top Ten
Typographic Book Covers

TTT for September 27, 2022

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This was more difficult than I thought.
Of course, I could have chosen the super easy way, and just put in French books, as most just have the title on the cover, like for the very first book I listed (which I’m currently reading).
I think it’s actually a neat thing, so that you don’t get influenced by the cover. Would you like your book covers to mostly be words, what do you think?
And you can do really smart things actually, see for instance Red is my Heart here below.

As usual, I went chronologically, starting by books I read most recently.
The last two do have some illustrations, but it is so simple, that I thought I could add them here. Plus what they did with these two titles is very smart when you know the content.

Top Ten Typography

Have YOU read
or are YOU planning to read any of these?
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30 thoughts on “Top Ten Typographic Book Covers

  1. I love a good typographic book cover! I admire when a designer can do something clever with text alone. In the ones you chose, there is often a sense of menace through the bareness of the design. I found in making my own list that text-only is often used when a concept is hard to visualize (God, freedom). Interesting.

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  2. I must say, I’m quite guilty of judging a book by its cover when browsing in the library. And really, it’s a pretty successful strategy. The best covers really do an appropriate selling job. And nope, so far I haven’t read one of the books you showcase.


  3. This is a nice selection of typographical covers! It’s amazing how many you can find. I especially love Ready Player One, I think I used that cover the first time I did this prompt.


  4. I thought I had left a comment but something went wrong. Anyway your post inspired me to do my own. I admire designers who can do clever and creative things with text alone. I do like the cover to say something about the contents so uniform plain cover designs are not my favorite.

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  5. What fantastic covers! My favourites are ‘Red is My Heart’ and ‘On Tyranny’, one for its bold design, almost like a company logo, and the other for its no-nonsense appearance, as befits a consideration of that abominable rule.

    I started ‘It Can’t Happen Here’ as Trump came to power in 2016 and then stalled, as it proved too distressingly close to the reality – I don’t feel inclined to return to it till Trump is finally put away and the UK’s execrable government is out of office and prosecuted.


    • To tell the truth, I didn’t even the heart shape of Red is my Heart the very first time I saw the cover. Well done.
      Yes It Can’t Happen Here is quite disturbing. It often felt like he had followed the plot of the book, though as he doesn’t read, I knew it was not possible!
      I take the book as a good warning, how to recognize red flags and do something before it’s too late. Will we ever learn?

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  6. You are right, Emma, we do get influenced by book covers a lot. They might influence to buy them but they also might to the opposite. I usually stay away from anything too bright and too “pretty”. Just makes me cringe.

    German books also often have just the words on the cover and I quite like that. But maybe that’s also for the same reason as above.

    My TTT this week.


    • Thanks, I didn’t know that in Germany books had also only words on the cover, like most books in France. It does create a completely different relationship to the book and the author, I think.
      It’s really hard not to let oneself be influence by a cover. I remember enjoying a lot a book I received for review. By chance the author (self-published) had sent me the synopsis, which sounded awesome. When I received the book, I was horrified by the cover and thought this was going to be a disaster, but the book was fabulous! If I had seen the cover first, I would never have considered reading it:
      I’m mystified by some horrible covers.


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