Paris in July 2022: Day 15: George Orwell and Book sale!

Paris in July 2022 (Bigger Sunset)

Paris in July 2022
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Day 15
George Orwell and Book sale!

As you can see, I was not able to keep up posting every day of the month for Paris in July.
BUT you are in for a double treat today.
First of all, a book I just started listening to on Sunday:

Down and Out in Paris in London

It’s actually totally by chance I’m listening to this now:
I was done with my audiobook, so I looked at my list of 20 Books of Summer what to listen to next. I realized there was only one left I could listen to, but I have to wait August to use a credit.
So I looked at my Classics Club list, and the first book I was able to find was this one. Only after did I realize it perfectly fit for Paris in July!

Have you read it? It’s Orwell’s memoir when he lived in Paris (half of the book) around 1933. I’m only 33%, but I am totally fascinated by his description of the utter poverty he and many immigrants had to go through.
The book starts with a great scene where two French women scream and insult each other!
There are a lot of details, and I believe a true social picture of Paris in the 1930s (I have found elements in common in After the Romanovs, by Helen Rappaport).
Plus the narrator Jonathan Keeble is very good – not too bad at reading French words, and excellent at the various foreign accents.


And now for the second treat: a very special French book sale!

I have these 5 books for you, for $5 (to cover shipping).
For $5, you get the five books.
Here are the 5 books. I have read them, but they are basically in brand new condition.
They are all by French authors, and one of them is in French:

  The Martins Lean On Me

  Red is my Heart Constellation

Le voyage d'Octavio

  • If you are interested
  • if you live in the US
  • if you can send me $5 through paypal or through an Amazon card,
    then leave me a comment here below, with a clear way on how I can contact you.
    I will use random on July 31 to pick a name if more than one person is interested.

14 thoughts on “Paris in July 2022: Day 15: George Orwell and Book sale!

  1. My culinary reading group and my literary book club both read the Orwell book a few years ago, and enjoyed discussing it — I am sure you will also find it very interesting as well as depressing. I characterized it as “a fascinating account of poverty and desperation, a huge contrast to the usual stories of that era in Paris.” My review is here:

    best… mae


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