Paris in July 2022: Day 12: Le Tour de France

Paris in July 2022 (Bigger Sunset)

Paris in July 2022
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Day 12
Le Tour de France

I am actually a French tutor, so before going on with my post, I’d like to highlight a point, that beginner students often struggle with.
That’s the problem of homonyms that have a totally different genre whether they are masculine or feminine. I believe we have about 70 of those.

And here is the perfect example for Paris in July :

Le tour de France
La Tour Eiffel (please pronounce [tuʁ‿ɛfɛl] (listen)

Anyway, when you learn new vocabulary (in any language that uses genres), you should always memorize a noun with an article. 
Beware of text books with vocabulary lists at the end that have only nouns without their corresponding articles, usually these are not very good.

So, this being established, we can send the tutor away and focus on LE Tour de France.
Despite its name, Le Tour 2022 (July 1st-July 24) actually started with 3 days in Denmark this year. But the arrival as usual will be on Les Champs-Élysées.

I love watching Le Tour (you can watch online with a VPN), but not really for the bicycle!
The French have indeed  a neat way of reporting it: with helicopters and also drones now, you can enjoy the wonderful and varied landscape (remember, France could fit in Texas, so it’s a very small country in comparison, but it has so many different landscapes).
And when the camera sees something interesting, such as a castle, a church, or the like, a journalist explains the name of the place, when it was built, for what purpose, etc. It is so very fascinating. And gorgeous.
You can actually use your mouse to “pre-view” the video, going under it, and then just click on places  where you see the focus is on the landscape and not on the “cyclistes”.
Right now they are starting Les Alpes, and then it will be Les Pyrénées, so it’s really worth watching. 



32 thoughts on “Paris in July 2022: Day 12: Le Tour de France

  1. Oh! I’ll have to follow le TdF on 19th July. It looks as if it’ll be going very near where we lived. When we lived in the Ariège, it passed our house on two occasions. And the year we came back to the UK, Le Tour began in Yorkshire, and passed our house again. I have no interest in cycling really, but I love the build up and the atmosphere.


  2. I’ve always struggled to get the article/noun to match because there doesn’t seem to b any logic to why some objects are male and others female. Maybe there is a good rationale for it but I haven’t found the key yet…


  3. I once saw a French children’s book that was supposed to teach the children English. Under each picture, was an English word AND an article. “The ball.” “The boy.” “The girl.” “The cat.”

    It didn’t seem to occur to the authors that every article was “the” and we don’t need to memorize it in English. (That said, I’m often shaky on the genders of nouns, even when I think I know them.)

    best… mae at


  4. I’d love to be able to watch. It’s like the Olympics- I do love the events but I also love the landscapes and seeing the venues.

    It always blows my mind that France could fit in Texas!


  5. This is the first year in ages my cycle-racing partner and I haven’t watched the Tour for hours on end because we don’t have that channel on our cable or free streaming. We’re seeing highlights but I miss it!


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