Book review: Upgrade


by Blake Crouch
Ballantine Books
352 pages
Science Fiction/Thriller


The last book I received for review took me forever  to finish, as I found it quite boring.
It just took a few days for Upgrade, which I avidly devoured. This was my first try with Blake Crouch, and now I really want to read his two previous books.

I really love it when scifi is based on solid science, and when the author tackles some major issue. Here, it’s about the survival of Planet Earth. At the point we are at, there no longer seems to be much we can do, or to look at it more deeply, there doesn’t seem much we are willing to do.
So how about we modify our genetic make, so that we would use more our reason and make the right choices to save our Planet?

Little by little, Logan feels different, mentally (imagine being able to read several books simultaneously and remember almost 100% of the texts after reading them just once?) and physically.
But his transformation opens up lots of questions about his past, his family, his future and ours!

What do you think: would such a genetic modification be a good idea? And what about all the ethical questions? Which parts of us could be enhanced to make us choose and act more wisely: our reason? our emotions? And ultimately, what really makes us human? And can we safely modify that?

Blake Crouch brilliantly puts all these questions together in his latest novel. He contacted scientists, and the book is full of fascinating information on genes. The author even proposes some possible answers at the end.

This is brilliant, with also lots of suspense and some serious human pathos.

VERDICT: Brilliant reflection on genetics and the future of our planet. Scifi as I love it.


Which one by Crouch is your favorite?

In full compliance with FTC Guidelines, I received this ebook free of charge through Netgalley, for review. I was in no way compensated for this post as a reviewer, and the thoughts are my own.


18 thoughts on “Book review: Upgrade

  1. You’ve made me feel so closed-minded. But my non-scientific brain would probably come unstuck round about page 3. Especially as I really really don’t enjoy sci-fi. So I’m very likely to give this one a miss. No marks for effort, Margaret 21.


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