Paris in July 2022: Day 1

Paris in July 2022 (Bigger Sunset)

Paris in July 2022
Co-hosted by Readerbuzz and Thyme For Tea

Yes, I finally realized after how many years? that it’s ridiculous to have a blog like mine, where so many books are about French lit, and not to be participating in this event. (I did participate a bit many many years ago).
Oh and of course I’m French, and I’m teaching French online!

I’m going to try to post daily, and to avoid repetitions of French books I’m already talking about weekly, I’m thinking to share with you recommendations sent to my students.
So most of my links will be in French, but if you can’t read French, these days it’s easy to ask Google to translate a page or just enjoy the pictures and the videos!
We’ll see, this may evolve over the month.

Day 1

Let’s start with Les passages couverts, that alas some tourists have not heard about.




19 thoughts on “Paris in July 2022: Day 1

  1. Merci pour cette magnifique visite des passages couverts de Paris. Un bon conseil pour mon prochain voyage. Looks really beautiful and I have never been there.


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