Friday Face Off: Hate to love

Friday Face Off

The Friday Face-Off was originally created by Books by Proxy:
each Friday, bloggers showcase book covers on a weekly theme.
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This week, the theme is “hate to love

Last week, when I saw what the theme would be for this week, I had no idea what to do with this. And then I reviewed The Waiting Years, a fabulous classic Japanese novel, and I happened to write the following lines:
“Women are shown in their rich complexity, sometimes even experiencing opposite feelings at the same time, and in their often difficult relationships with men and other women. At one point, Tomo can’t even point out if she feels love or hate for her husband.”

As I realized I had written the words love and hate, I knew this was the perfect book to feature today!

The Waiting Years

Click on the cover to read my review

Several publishers went with the “waiting” part. Though in other languages, like in French, the title is very different: Chemin de femmes, something like, the way of women, which seems to be closer to the original Japanese.

Click on the picture if you want to identify the various editions
You can also right click and ‘open image in new tab’ to zoom in


Friday face off love hate

My favorite is the first cover, the Japanese-American edition (Kodansha-US).
It shows less the idea of waiting than some type of resignation and sadness, which is so important in the book. I especially like the dull sepia like colors.
Lots of covers are cute and very colorful, with gorgeous flowers, but really they don’t reflect at all the ambiance of the book.

And I totally encourage you to read this excellent novel.

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Have you read this book?
Next Friday: Made for each other


9 thoughts on “Friday Face Off: Hate to love

  1. I agree, Emma, the first cover seems like the best one, based on your review. You definitely feel for the character, just looking at her face and the way she’s sort of slumped over. Great choice!


  2. Agree with your choice of cover. The Vintage edition is a puzzler for me – as a piece of art I like it, but it doesn’t tell me anything about the nature of the book and doesn’t seem to match your description of the themes,


  3. I think I like the third cover in the second row a lot. But theme-wise, I think second cover from first row fits best — the lady clearly is waiting for someone by the door. And that wait doesn’t seem to be too rewarding… 😦


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