Friday Face Off: Scifi written in 1975 or before

Friday Face Off

The Friday Face-Off was originally created by Books by Proxy:
each Friday, bloggers showcase book covers on a weekly theme.
Visit Lynn’s Books (@LynnsBooks) for a list of upcoming themes.
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thanks to whom I discovered this meme.

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This week, the theme is “Scifi written in 1975 or before”

As soon as I saw the theme, I thought of this book, as I cohosted a readalong on it, and it was published in 1969.
And how lucky I am, there are so so many of amazing book covers on it.
Here is just a sample of the most striking.
I circled my favorite one.

Click on the picture if you want to identify the various editions
You can also right click and open image in new tab to zoom in


Friday face off scifi

I am amazed at the diversity of covers.
Some just go with the strain idea (#20), without giving any clue of the space aspect.
Some focus only on the space dimension (#23), even in a rather romantic way (#19).
#17 is my favorite because of all the details, artistically put together.

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Have you read this book?
Next Friday: a murder mystery in space


16 thoughts on “Friday Face Off: Scifi written in 1975 or before

    • Highly recommended if you like scifi. You can have a look at the beginning of our readalong to have a better idea.
      #11 is actually a Bulgarian edition. The 15th is Russian. Yes, quite striking!!


  1. Ooh I still have to read this. I like the first one but then biohazard always gets my attention 🙂

    The third one from the last I like too although it more looks like a UFO vibe…

    Oh, and you asked on my blog if I had read Flood. I have not but it sounds so interesting (and timely)!


  2. Oh wow, these covers really do focus on all sorts of aspects of the story. I read the first one, and I do like the minimal aspect of that cover. I wonder if my expectation would have changed if I read one of the alternate covers.


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  4. Wow Emma thanks for displaying all the different book covers, fascinating. I’m not sure I will get round to pick up any of the Scifi by Michael Crichton . It looks like an interesting read but I will pass for now since I still have too many books to go through right now . I recently started watching Manifest on Netflix and that is taking up quite a lot of time, wish there were a book….


    • Ah yes, I read a lot, because I chose not to have TV, nor Netflix or the like.
      The Andromeda Strain was a great book, and we had a fantastic readalong on it. I want to read more by the same author, I guess Jurassic Park is a must!

      Liked by 1 person

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