2022 books in translation reading challenge



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I love literature in translation, and read 52 books for this challenge in 2021, so this is not really a challenge. I’m joining more for the social aspect and connecting with other readers of world literature.
So am shooting for the Linguist Level = 10+, the highest level.
I will be updating the list here as I go along.
I start the year with the Japanese Literature Challenge, so by the end of March, I should already have read 12 books in translation.

The links will send you to my review

  1. Red is my Heart, by Antoine Laurain (tr. from the French by Jane Aitken)
  2. The Three-Body Problem, by Cixin Liu (tr. from the Chinese by Ken Liu)
  3. The Wild Geese, by Ogai Mori (tr. from the Japanese by Sanford Goldstein & Kingo Ochiai 
  4. How Do You Live?, by Yoshino Genzaburo (tr. from the Japanese by Bruno Navasky)
  5. Dōjōji, by Yukio Mishima (tr. from Japanese into French by Dominique Aury)


Recap of languages translated from:
Japanese : 3
French: 1
Chinese: 1



34 thoughts on “2022 books in translation reading challenge

  1. Wow, you read so many translated books. That is impressive.

    I will be doing the Japanese Literature Challenge too. I am aiming at five books, maybe six.


    • I’m more and more picky, so I do tend to enjoy most of the ones I choose. It will start with a Chinese scifi (I’m currently reading and enjoying it, The Three-Body Problem, by Cixin Liu), and then a slew of Japanese ones for the Japanese Lit Challenge (Jan-March)


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