The Satanic Verses: questions on Part 5

The Satanic Verses

The Satanic Verses,
by Salman Rushdie,
Literary fiction/Magical realism
576 pages
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And now here are Marianne’s questions on Part 5:

1.  What do you think about this chapter’s title? Which city is meant and why is she both seen and unseen?

2. Why is Jumpy Joshi looking after Saladin? Do you think he is feeling guilty and trying to make amends? How does their relationship change during the chapter?

3. Why do you think Saladin is upset when he hears that Gibreel is still alive? The author gives the resentment that he didn’t help him with the police as a reason but could there be other, underlying ones?

4. Alleluia Cone is another immigrant, or descendent of immigrants. However, she is European and therefore not as easily recognizable as her Indian counterparts. How do you think this contributes to the story? Do you think the understanding between European and non-European immigrants is larger than between immigrants and non-immigrants? Do you think it is easier for immigrants who look more like someone from the host nation?

5. Why do you think God calls himself “the Fellow Upstairs”, Gibreel names him “the Guy from Underneath”?

6.  Why do you think his visions are explained with schizophrenia? Is it the easy way out?

7. Do we think the subject of Good and Evil is well explored and explained in this chapter?

And please now go to Marianne’s post to see our answers.
Feel free to add your own answers n the comment section.

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Here is our full schedule:

  1. November 1st: introductory post at Words And Peace
  2. Between November 8-12: questions + answers on the first 23% of the book (up to end of PART II. Stop before “Ellowen Deeowen”) at Let’s Read
  3. Between Nov 15-19:  questions + answers on the second quarter of the book (stop before V. A City Visible but Unseen), at Words And Peace
  4. Between Nov 22-26:  questions + answers on the third quarter of the book (stop before VI. Return to Jahilia) at  Let’s Read
  5. Between Nov 29-December 3: last quarter of the book and conclusion questions at Words And Peace



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