The Satanic Verses: buddy-read/read-along announcement

The Satanic Verses

The Satanic Verses,
by Salman Rushdie,
Literary fiction/Magical realism
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Why this new reading adventure?

In a comment, Marianne (at Let’s Read) recently told me she had never read The Satanic Verses but was interested in doing so.

I have read and thoroughly enjoyed the last two books published by Salman Rushdie (Quichotte and Languages of Truth), but never his earlier novels.

As I have so much enjoyed three experiences of buddy-reading, I knew it was time to launch into another one!

So Marianne and I will be reading The Satanic Verses in November 2021.

Let us know if you would like to join us.
Each week, we’ll have a set number of pages to read. We will take turn in creating questions, and posting our answers to them.
You can join us either by posting your answers in a comment or on your blog, or in taking turn posting questions as well.
We will have a total of 5 posts, so it would actually be really nice to have 5 active participants, each one of us creating one set of questions.

Please come this way to read Marianne’s announcement. It has a synopsis of the book.

Edited on 11/06: 
Details on what to read every week – very manageable
So far, only Marianne and I have agreed on co-hosting on our blogs. It’s not too late if you want to create a series of questions for one of the following posts:

  1. November 1st: introductory post at Words And Peace
  2. Between November 8-12: questions + answers on the first 23% of the book (up to end of PART II. Stop before “Ellowen Deeowen”) at Let’s Read
  3. Between Nov 15-19:  questions + answers on the second quarter of the book (stop before V. A City Visible but Unseen), at Words And Peace
  4. Between Nov 22-26:  questions + answers on the third quarter of the book (stop before VI. Return to Jahilia) at  Let’s Read
  5. Between Nov 29-December 3: last quarter of the book and conclusion questions at Words And Peace



25 thoughts on “The Satanic Verses: buddy-read/read-along announcement

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  2. I think I would like to tag along, though I probably won’t blog. I read Midnight’s Children many years ago and found it tough going. Am I a “better” reader now? Maybe but I suspect reading this a little bit at a time with other’s commentary will definitely help.


    • That’s fantastic, Ruthiella. I think the more we read, especially if it’s demanding literature the “better” we get (for want of a more appropriate word). The books I read today and those I read thirty years ago are quite different.

      And I’m sure we all will benefit from each other’s comments, so “only” commenting is just as great.


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