Throwback Thursday: July 2011

Throwback Thursday


Revisiting what I posted 10 years ago,
following the idea I found at The Chocolate Lady’s Book Review Blog
(click on this link or the logo to see where the idea started from,
and to post the link to your own post).

On the first Thursday of the month available on my site,
I’m planning to post about the previous month, 10 years before.

  📚 📚 📚 

Today, I’ll be revisiting July 2011.

I published 23 posts, 8 of these were reviews (actually I reviewed two books from the same author in one post – see below).
A lot of the other posts are about the challenges I managed to finish by July, and every week, I used to do a post about book recommendations for your weekend.

Here are the reviews which received most views:

Being As Communion

I’m  surprised that of all the posts published that month, an Orthodox theology book would be the one receiving most views!
Let me rephrase this: I just went to reread my review, and I realize it’s actually not bad at all, and gives a really good idea of this essential book. If you are interested in deepening your Christian faith, whether you are Orthodox or not, you might find some good things for you there.

    Bel CantoState of Wonder

I ended up at the same time listening to Bel Canto, and reading State of Wonder, two books by the same author. I’m not sure I have done this again. It actually worked out nicely to write a combined review.
I just added an important note to my review, as Bel Canto was made into an opera a few years later.

These three books are still my favorite of that month.
Since then, I have tried another book by Patchett, which left me very disappointed, so I haven’t dared tried another one. Though I admire her for opening a bookshop in Nashville!

    Click on the covers to know more

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Next post will be on September 2




10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: July 2011

  1. I like your systematic approach Emma. I’ve been doing some re-publishing of old reviews for a while now but just chose the post at random. Your approach makes much more sense.

    Interesting to see your video comments about Commonwealth. I so enjoyed Bel Canto that I bought other books by her but have so far only read The dutch house.The setting was fabulous but the book didn’t have as strong an appeal as Bel canto. Have you read The dutch house yet?


  2. I have not read anything by Ann Patchett. But I recently read a review of Bel Canto that made me want to read it. I don’t know that I have read two different books by the same author at the same time. Glad it worked out 🙂.


  3. I’ve read two of Anne Patchett’s books – The Magician’s Assistant, which I enjoyed – and The Dutch House, which lots of people loved, but I didn’t as I found it confusing when it kept moving backwards and forwards in time and towards the end I got rather bored with the story. That may have been just me though as I read it during lockdown – lack of concentration.

    But I’m glad you enjoyed Bel Canto and State of Wonder as I have both of those in my TBRs.


  4. Patchett opened a book shop? Very cool. I wonder how she’ll differentiate the marketing from other book chains/ ebook stores. I think I saw a trailer for Bel Canto some time back, they were making a movie with actress Julianne Moore. Your review just made me eager to watch it. 🙂


  5. This is a very clever spin on Throwback Thursday! Wow, you’ve been blogging for a long time. Well, it shows – still going strong!

    I’m a week late to the link-up, but I am rather chuffed with myself for managing a Throwback Thursday Post this month! LOL!

    Hope you had a good week Emma!

    Elza Reads


    • I love the 2 books you featured, congrats! (I just left a comment).
      It is fun to be able to look back when you get older, though I’m sometimes horrified at what my old reviews looked like


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