20 Books of Summer 2021

20 books of summer


Once again, 746books.com organizes a special challenge:

20 Books of Summer
June 1-August 31

I loved it last year, so this will be my 2nd participation.
To be honest, this is not really a challenge, as I have already read 70 books this year, that is, an average of 14 books per month. So I shouldn’t have any problem reading 20 books. Anyway, this is a great opportunity to challenge myself to read from my TBRs (mostly physical shelf).

And it is a nice way of connecting with other book bloggers, and possibly hearing about great books I have not heard about.

So here is the file with my 20 books.
Feel free to copy the format if it’s of any help for you.

I will update it as I go along:

How many of these have you read?
Which one is your favorite?

30 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer 2021

  1. Nice list! I am hoping I will manage OK with my own list, which doesn’t include my Anne Tyler challenge, review books or ebooks! But I’ve been reading quite a few extra a month so fingers crossed. Enjoy your 20 Books!


  2. I didn’t know about Rushdie’s collection of essays! He’s written mostly fiction (including the controversial Satanic Verses) and I loved his Haroun & the Sea of Stories for kids… This looks to be an interesting challenge, and like Google Sheets plugin you’ve used!


  3. The only one I’ve read is History in English Words (I think I mentioned before how I wish I had not let my copy go in a book purge). Really hope you enjoy it. A book about “America’s abdication” sounds interesting. The future is quite an open question at the moment.


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  6. 20 books over 3 months isn’t really a challenge for me either but I’m committing myself to reviewing them all, which is more of a challenge for me these days! Hope you enjoy your summer reading.


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