Top Ten Books with the word heart in the title

Top Ten Tuesday:
Top Ten Books with the word heart in the title

TTT for February 9, 2021


Today, the prompt is Valentine’s Day/Love Freebie.
As I have already done something last year with the word LOVE in the title, this year, I’ll go with ❤️.

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Top ten books with heart in the title

 Have you read any of these?
Any other good book with ❤️ in the title?



33 thoughts on “Top Ten Books with the word heart in the title

  1. Nice twist. I hadn’t done a “love” list, yet, so I took the given topic this time. I also have “Love in the Time of Cholera” on mine.

    My TTT.


  2. I like your creative approach. I had a go at a list with the word love in the title last year but couldn’t quite make 10. Just updated it to publish later on today. The only one of your books I’ve read is Heart of Darkness, what a dark tale.


  3. Hmm, so there *are* books where the heart does not necessarily mean romance. Somehow in all that Valentine Day’s craze, I’d forgotten that. The Place of the Heart looks interesting, might check that out, thanks!


  4. I have read The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter and The Heart of Darkness. Out of curiosity I looked through my shelves of read books and found three: The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood, Because It is Bitter and Because it is My Heart by Joyce Carol Oates, and My Heart Hemmed In by Marie NDiaye. Not as many as I would have thought.


  5. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter is a title that I seem to have always heard, although not really knowing what it is all about. It sounds interesting and could be a book for my list. I have read Heart of Darkness, is a very dark book. However, Joseph Conrad is a favourite author. Good luck with your reading.


  6. I’m interested in the spiritual titles that focus on the heart. This has been an important discovery in my own path. Interesting that a couple of the two famous non-spiritual “heart” titles are Heart of Darkness and The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter. That says a lot about the spiritual bleakness of our Western civilization.


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