The Classics Club 2020-2025



The Classics Club
November 2020 – November 2025

I’m thrilled to present to you my 3rd list of 137 titles for The Classics Club.
I stupidly thought our lists had to have 50 titles, but I discovered on the Wall of Honor that we could choose as many titles as we want.

Here is my new table, with color codes for nonfiction, mystery, and Japanese, three prominent categories. Plus my two special projects!
I will obviously update the table as I go along.

Why 137 titles?
I just added one title to my previous list to make it to 50,
plus my Bible (49 books to go)
and my Hercule Poirot (38 books to go)  projects.
Hence 137.
And I am planning on being more serious with my spins!

How did I come up with these titles?
Simple: I opened my To-Be-Read Goodreads shelf, and put them in order of publication, and I picked the 50 oldest titles! Those are titles I added there along the years.

Be patient, it may take a few seconds for the file below to show up

You can also click on this link to access it.

I’m curious:

  1. How many of these have you read?
  2. Which one/ones is/are your favorite?

See my 2nd list here.
And my first list here.

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36 thoughts on “The Classics Club 2020-2025

  1. Which of these have I read? Tristram Shandy, A Room of One’s Own and To the Lighthouse as a lit major in college; Clouds of Witness, The Red House Mystery, Jamaica Inn, Descent into Hell, and The Sword in the Stone for fun. I’m kicking myself that I purged my copy of History in English Words when I moved, because now I’ve seen it on two lists and I really want to read it again. Maybe I’ll buy another copy…


  2. Mmmmm… First, I love your list ! I’ve only read 2, I think, and DNFed another. Second, I’d love to join that club because I *love* classics (especially 19th century and early 20th century), but I don’t like the idea of having a definite reading list. I discover authors all the time, I keep changing my lists, so I’ll sit back and think about it. Enjoy !


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  6. I love your new list : different countries, books I’ve read and loved, book I haven’t read but would love to, books I’ve never heard about ! Have fun 🙂


    • Merci. J’ai oublié ta liste, j’y vais maintenant.
      Funny, because we were talking about French books in your last comment, my brain stayed in the French mode and I answered in French. Both work for you, so I won’t edit, lol


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