Book review: No Woods So Dark as These

No Woods So Dark As These

No Woods So Dark as These,
by Randall Silvis
Poisoned Pen Press
448 pages



As I reread the review I wrote for book three in this series, I was struck by the commonalities it shared with book four. No Woods So Dark as These has indeed all the signs and qualities of another masterpiece by Randall Silvis. And yet no two of his books are alike.

VERDICT: Not your usual page-turner: Randall Silvis is great at mixing crime and metaphysics.

Please go to Criminal Element to read my full review.

But there’s an extra quotation I’d like to share:

It was after ten when DeMarco finally stepped out into the yard and saw that the sky was high and clear and cobalt blue, with only two slender streaks of white cirrus clouds above, as if a painter had used the blue canvas to clean his brush. (chapter 15)

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What’s the latest thriller you really enjoyed?


7 thoughts on “Book review: No Woods So Dark as These

  1. I read your full review. I am impressed by both the review and the books. Trouble is, do I need another series right now?
    PS: I posted my review of Flights on my blog today. I am not really proud of it but I did understand more about the book by writing it.


    • ah ah, the problem of starting another series, I know the pain!!
      I have also done this experience of better understanding the book just by trying to put my thoughts about it together!
      Thanks for your sweet comment


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