20 Books of Summer 2020

20 books of summer

Once again, 746books.com organizes a special challenge:

20 Books of Summer
June 1-August 31

I have never participated, so I thought I would give it a try this year.
To be honest, this is not really a challenge for me. I read 12 books in May, so between June and September, I shouldn’t have any problem reading 20 books.

But I’m doing it essentially as a way of connecting with other book bloggers, and possibly hearing about great books I have not heard about, and also to be sure I finally take the time to read books that have been waiting for too long on my shelves.

So here is the file with my 20 books. Feel free to copy the format if it’s of any help for you.
I will update it as I go along:

How many of these have you read?
Which one is your favorite?


22 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer 2020

  1. I would have read the Christie’s back in my teen years, but the rest are unknown/unread to me. I’ve been getting more and more curious lately to see how an adult reading of the Christie’s would stack up. They’d be good winter reads I think 🙂


    • I would definitely have expected you to have read these in the original. Actually I did read all of the Book of Ruth in Hebrew as well, a few decades ago. I used to read a passage of the Bible every day in Hebrew. And I studied the Book of Ruth very closely. I have studied some passages of the Book of Samuel in Hebrew, like for instance the call of Samuel (for a study on the call of each prophet), but not all the book, I think.

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  2. A nice list, not books I know particularly but I hope you enjoy them. I certainly gain a lot from looking at other people’s lists and finding new blogs to follow, as well as finding new kindred spirits following my blog!


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  4. I have taken part in this reading challenge before, and had such fun. I think one of the great things about reading challenges in general is the connecting with new bloggers.

    I hope you enjoy all the books listed, and are able to meet some like minded readers & bloggers.

    Happy reading this summer!


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