Book review: Simple Superfood Soups

Simple Superfood Soups

Simple Superfood Soups:
75 Nourishing Recipes
for a Healthier You,

by Pamela Ellgen

Rockridge Press
Soups & Stews
186 pages


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Superfoods are definitely a trend for those trying to stay healthy these days. But have you ever associated them with soups? Here are 75 recipes for Simple Superfood Soups.

I really enjoy the introduction where the author debunks the concept of superfoods: no, it doesn’t need to be exotic vegetables that are hard to find and expensive. I will let you open the book to discover what the author highlights about them, based really on common sense. 

Then she shows that actually superfoods and soups are made for each other, so she lists the best superfoods for that type of dish, and what to always have in your pantry.

Before offering the recipes, the author explains the basics of a healthy soup, and how to store it.

Then the soups are given under six categories, with a general introduction at the beginning of each section: Stocks and Broths, Cold Soups, Comfort Blends, Hearty Warmers, Noodle Soups, Stews and Chilis.

Beside the prep time, the cook time, and the chill time, the number of servings, the calories, total fat, etc., each recipe comes with a short narrative, a label, such as Dairy-Free, Easy Prep, Gluten-Free, Vegan, or Vegetarian.

After each recipe, you also find tips, such as ways to simplify it (like using your slow cooker), boost it, substitute an ingredient, or how to make it even more tasty.

I tried several recipes. The Red Lentil Dal page 93 is really yummy. Many recipes ask for great spices such as ginger and turmeric, daily staples of my own cooking, for their health benefits.

The book ends with conversion charts, several pages of references, extra resources (books and websites), and an alphabetical index.

The author has written a dozen cookbooks, so she really knows what’s good for you!

VERDICT: Perfect book if you want to prepare a variety of healthy and yummy soups.

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What’s your favorite soup recipe?
How do you eat your superfoods?

In full compliance with FTC Guidelines, I received this book free of charge from the publisher through The Callisto Publisher’s Club. I was in no way compensated for this post as a reviewer, and the thoughts are my own.

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