Book review: Creativity For Kids

Creativity for Kids

Creativity For Kids:
75 Fun Activities to Promote Creative Thinking and Self Expression,

by Trisha Riché

Rockridge Press
Juvenile Nonfiction
Activity Books
144 pages


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RockridgePress has been publishing amazing books for educators. Creativity for Kids offers great insight on creativity, with lots of activities in order to foster it in children (6-9 year olds).

The first Chapter is a reflection on the concept of creativity:
what it is, what it looks like inside the mind of a child, the stages of the creative process. It also highlights its importance (versus the consequences when your child has too much screen time), its value, and the main ways to guide and encourage it.

Then 75 activities are proposed, under different categories, that follow the philosophy explained in chapter 1.

So first to expand imagination, with activities involving problem-solving, story-telling, and writing-prompts.
Each category is introduced by a paragraph explaining its importance.

Then each activity has a few lines highlighting its goal and benefit.
The activity itself is presented a bit like a recipe, with Prep time, duration of the activity itself, where to organize it, the materials needed, and the various steps to follow.

Some activities end with a list of possible modifications, extra information (“Did you know?”), or a Tip.

The next category focuses on sensory arts: visual arts, music, dance and movement.
Here is an example page 96, for kids full of energy!

Creativity p96

From there, we naturally go to drama, which is the emphasis of the next category: Role play.
Like with this activity page 102, for instance:

Creativity p102

The last category is about Collaboration.

I like the whole variety of the activities, some having to do with memory, oral skills, others needing drawing, gluing, or writing, etc. They really involve so many aspects of creativity.
Plus, they can be used with younger or older children, and they can be used for a single child or several children together.

In case you don’t have enough, the author, an artist and a teacher (the 2016 Teacher of the Year) offers a list of extra resources at the end: books, websites, and places around town, like classes at your local art museum.

Now, you really have no excuse for letting your children waste their time and their life in front of your TV!

VERDICT: Fabulous resources to help your children develop their creativity with fun. So now you can get rid of your TV.

Rating systemRating systemRating systemRating systemRating system

Do you have any tips to become more creative?

In full compliance with FTC Guidelines, I received this book free of charge from the publisher through The Callisto Publisher’s Club. I was in no way compensated for this post as a reviewer, and the thoughts are my own.


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