Book review: New SAT Vocabulary Workbook

New SAT Vocabulary Workbook

New SAT Vocabulary Workbook:
Over 700 High-Frequency
Words to Master,

by Katya Seberson

Rockridge Press
Study Aids/SAT
176 pages


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There are many methods out there to crack the vocabulary of the SAT test, or more generally to develop your vocabulary.
I would definitely trust the author of New SAT Vocabulary Workbook, because of her own experience, that she relates in the introduction: as a teen, she struggled with dyslexia. So for herself and then for others, she created memory tricks and grouped words in clusters to better understand and retain them. This is the Seberson Method.

At the end of the introduction, the author provides great ideas on how to use this book in the most efficient way.

The book focuses on the words that have resurfaced most often in the Reading, Writing, and Essay sections of the SAT, since its latest reform. These words are presented through 145 short lessons focusing on a concept. Several words are then offered with definition and example, followed by an activity, to practice what you have just learned.

The lessons are grouped in major sections designed to help even more the students at the SAT exam: words from Fiction and History passages, or about Nature or Social Science. I’ll be inserting an example from each section.


Then the following part helps identify multiple meanings of a same word


Part 4 is on Commonly Confused Words


Part 5 on Transition Words and Idioms, both parts being very helpful for the SAT writing section.


I highly recommend this very practical and smartly designed book.
Most definitely for young students, but really, I would bet many adults don’t fully know the meaning and correct use of several words in this book. As readers and book bloggers intending to write correctly, you might all benefit from it.

VERDICT: Excellent tool for all students preparing the SAT in English, and for all adults interested in developing their vocabulary.

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What is your technique to develop it?

In full compliance with FTC Guidelines, I received this book free of charge from the publisher through The Callisto Publisher’s Club. I was in no way compensated for this post as a reviewer, and the thoughts are my own.


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