Book review: Dreamland


by Nancy Bilyeau
Endeavour Quill
Historical Fiction
386 pages


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After raving on and on about The Blue, I decided to read the latest book by the same author, Dreamland, without knowing anything about it. How do you think was my experience? And will I learn about it?

Nancy Bilyeau credit Joshua KesslerFrom Medieval historical mysteries to the 18th century, Nancy Bilyeau is a master storyteller.
I could discern her talent again in Dreamland with very evocative descriptions able to put you back in the time and setting of the story: Coney Island in the 1910s, with rich families like the Batternbergs and the world of artists and amusement parks.

Peggy Batternberg, oh horror for her world, is rebelling against her class and is working in a bookstore. During the Summer she has to spend in a luxurious hotel with her family, she goes much further to bridge her world and the world of the poor and the artists. Doing so, she is led to secretly investigate murders and uncover corruption.

I liked the descriptions of the famous Oriental Hotel in Brooklyn, with rooms overlooking the Atlantic. It was destroyed, but you can still find pictures online.

Alas, I usually don’t like stories with very rich families, or family sagas with despicable characters. They don’t interest me, neither does the world of brothels. I actually felt bored. Even the character of Peggy didn’t really appeal to me.

I recognize the talent in the writing, but I found the content itself rather dull. I found myself very far from the plot and background information featured in The Blue.
So sorry to say, but this time, I’m joining the 23% (according to Goodreads, as of 1/8/2020) who found the book just ok or even less than that.

So yes, I do believe I’m done, for the most part, with blind dates with books, just because I have loved all the previous books by the same author. But only the future will tell…

VERDICT: Good writing, but very disappointing story, which held no interest to me.  

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Do you tend to blindly read all the books
by an author you have loved?


In full compliance with FTC Guidelines, I received this ebook free of charge from the publisher to participate in this book tour (see schedule below). I was in no way compensated for this post as a reviewer, and the thoughts are my own.

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9 thoughts on “Book review: Dreamland

  1. Oh dear… I’m about to start reading this in a day or two to Join this tour in two weeks time. I hope I like it more than 3 stars (but I also don’t care much for stories about the rich and privileged (you should avoid “Belgravia” by Julian Fellows at all costs. I couldn’t finish it after like, 3 chapters) and brothels… hm… this does NOT bode well)!


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