Book review: A Noël Killing

A Noel KilllingA Noël Killing,
by  M.L. Longworth
Penguin Random House

Crime / Mystery
304 pages



M.L. Longworth recently talked on Criminal Element about mysteries set in small towns. Her latest mystery, A Noël Killing, the eighth volume of her Verlaque and Bonnet series, is set in Aix-en-Provence.

The description of the city, with its famous places, streets, plazas, and restaurants,  and of the food offered there, is nicely done.

VERDICT: If you want to try a Christmas mystery with a Provence setting, you may find A Noël Killing enjoyable.
It was too slow for me, and as I notice the same criticism applied by other readers to the first book in this series, I don’t think I’ll stay in the company of Verlaque and Bonnet. Joyeux Noël ! 

Please go to Criminal Element to read my full review

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What your favorite mystery set around Christmas?


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