Book review: My First Grade Workbook

My first grade workbook

My First Grade Workbook:
101 Games & Activities to Support First Grade Skills,
by Brittany Lynch,
Illustrations by Robin Boyer
Rockridge Press
Juvenile Nonfiction/Activity Books
126 pages


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I was very impressed by My Preschool Workbook. So I asked The Callisto Publisher’s Club if they had the one on first grade. They had. And My First Grade Workbook is just as awesome!

Like for the previous book, I was totally blown away by the great content and cute illustrations. I wish I were a kid again, and using all these fantastic resources available today, like this book.

101 great games and activities to support the skills developed by first graders (ages 6 to 7) for school. They are presented in 4  major color coded sections:

  1. Reading and Writing skills: recognizing letters, learning to trace them.
    Recognizing and building words. Understanding a text and answering questions. Writing a story!
  2. Math skills: counting, measuring, fractions, addition, subtraction. Reading the clock, counting money
  3. Science skills: the weather, the seasons, animals, nature (even the life cycle of a flower!), matter, the solar system
  4. and Social Studies skills (this part was less developed, with only 6 activities): jobs and occupations, directions in a city.

I really enjoyed the variety of games and activities, even rhyming and logic games!
And really the illustrator Robin Boyer did a fantastic job.

There’s also a cute page at the beginning to help the child track his/her progress in the book.
And an answer key at the end!

I know exactly who is going to receive this book at Christmas!

Just so you know, both authors have published a similar title for Kindergarten in July 2019.

VERDICT:  Gorgeous and very smart workbook for first graders.

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Any other similar books you would recommend?

In full compliance with FTC Guidelines, I received this book free of charge from the publisher through The Callisto Publisher’s Club. I was in no way compensated for this post as a reviewer, and the thoughts are my own.


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