Top Ten 2019 Thanksgiving Titles

Top Ten  2019 Thanksgiving Titles

TTT for November 26, 2019


For this edition of #TopTenTuesday, we can choose our theme.
So I’ve decided to have fun with the letters of the word THANKSGIVING, just like last year.
These are books I have recently read and enjoyed.
Ok, Thanksgiving has 12 letters, so you will have 2 extra books!

Click on the covers to know more about these books.


     Debbie Tung    Anthony Horowitz   Annie Ernaux
Book Love   The Sentence is Death   The Years

Olivier Norek   Shing Yin Kohr   Robert Louis Stevenson

Surface     Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes

Tender is the NiGht Hayao MIyasaki Elena PerekrestoV

Tender is the Night   Spirited Away 3  Alexander Schmorell

ChIldhood’s End   SuperNova Era    Into The NiGht

Childhoods End   Supernova Era  Into The Night

And Happy Thanksgiving!

Have you read any of these? Which one is your favorite?



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