WWW Wednesday September 18, 2019

  WWW Wednesdays 2

 WWW Wednesdays

Wow, I haven’t done this for a while. I plan to do it again, at least mid-month


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Spirited Away 3


Childhoods End

Quichotte: superb, come back tomorrow to read my review!

Spirited Away: I just fell in love with the work of Hayao Miyazaki. I recently read:
– The Secret World of Arrietty ( 2 volumes), sad, but gorgeous art, so detailed, so good with nature, colors. Totally my cup of tea!
Spirited Away (3 volumes so far) – not sure I like the way the story is evolving, we’ll see
– My Neighbor Totoro (1 volume so far). I am curious to see where this is going!
This artist knows how to draw/paint, it’s really gorgeous. Technically, these are more film comic adaptations than manga, and they are all in color.

Childhood’s End:
I listened to it – found on youtube! Fascinating, though I want to read more about it, to get more to the message. And I definitely want to read more by this author!
Incidentally, this is my first classic towards my 2nd list of 50 classics!





Into The Night


Tender is the Night

I usually really enjoy this French author. I am at 20% so far, and it’s dragging, but sounds like things are soon going to make more sense. I hope.

Into the Night:
I recently discovered Sarah Bailey and her Detective Sergeant Gemma Woodstock. I like her style, so I decided to jump right away in book 2. And book 3 is coming soon!

Tender is the Night:
Another audio classic I found on youtube.
So far, I really like Fitzgerald’s style. I hate The Great Gatsby, but this is very good, so far, about 1 hour into the book.



La grande escapade


The Vexations


Avalanche hotel

La grande escapade
The latest novel by a French author I like a lot.

The Vexations
Recent historical novel on Erik Satie! Lent to me by a friend. It sounds really good.

Avalanche hôtel
I’m curious to try this big name of French thrillers, that will be my first book by him.


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35 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday September 18, 2019

  1. It is great to know that you loved Quichotte. I am now more intrigued than ever to read this book and am anticipating your review. I am a big fan of Hayao Miyazaki too – have seen most of his animations and loved them, but I am yet “to read” them. I consider Spirited Away the best animation ever made.

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  2. Wow, lots of good stuff you are reading! I saw the movie of The Secret Life of Arriety, loved it. And I like Arthur C Clarke very well. Childhood’s End is one of my favorites. The Erik Satie book looks intriguing.
    I am currently reading The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides. Hm, not sure about it. I recently finished The Lonely Hearts Hotel by Heather O’Neill. Loved it totally! Next up is A Moveable Feast by Hemingway. Happy reading!


  3. Well, I finished Quichotte too, and I’m afraid I did not love it. There were parts where I sort of enjoyed the storytelling but overall it did not come together for me. I’ll probably comment more on your review!

    I am reading a book in French! 🙂 This makes me quite proud of myself. It’s Coeur de Cristal by Frederic Lenoir. The language is simple enough for me to grasp the story even if there are some words I don’t understand.

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          • DQ is such a long, complex book, it’s hard to sum up my reactions in a simple way. Overall I would not say it was a favorite, but there were parts I enjoyed and I was certainly glad I read it. I can see why it is a foundation of world literature even though my personal preferences for the novel form tend toward other directions.

            With Quichotte, I just did not find that much depth to it. In my opinion there are other authors who have done the “metafiction” and “magical realism” (aka fantasy) tropes much better. But because of Rushdie’s name and reputation, and because he’s not seen as a genre author, he maybe gets respect and major award nominations where those other authors never would. However – other readers have loved it! It just didn’t do that much for me.


          • Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman are the ones that leaped to mind — I also think they are better at social commentary (Rushdie’s was so heavy-handed). And funnier. But again, anyone who found Quichotte a hilarious and enlightening experience is welcome to it! It just did not work for me.


          • so you mean books written by both? Because I have read several by Gaiman, but they don’t fit in this category I think. Which book(s) would you recommend to go along this theme?


          • Gee, you’re not letting me off easy on this offhand remark. I guess I was thinking mostly of American Gods in Gaiman’s case, reminded by the road trip motif. With Pratchett there are any number of Discworld novels that play havoc with literary figures and tropes while also commenting on current events in a funnier and more inventive way (this is just my opinion, remember). Then there is Good Omens, authored by both, which is not my personal favorite but also has its points. However, aside from these authors I could probably think of some others … they are not coming to mind right now.


          • Sorry for pushing, but as I’m not familiar with Gaiman, apart from a few fantasy books and haven’;t read anything yet by Pratchett, I was really curious. I was hesitating about reading American Gods or not, so now I know I have to, and I also need some Discworld books, I had no idea they contain what you mentioned. Sounds very attracting to me

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          • I hope you will read some of those books and let me know what you think – whether you agree with me or not! Wyrd Sisters (Discwodld) is a hilarious sendup of Macbeth for example.


  4. I still admire Lory’s determination, and I still have to read her posts through part two. And sorry for the typo, I wrote Lorry instead of Lory.

    Have a wonderful day. I’m going to run some errands and maybe later today I get to the interview!


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