Top Ten Books Outside My Comfort Zone

Top Ten Books I Enjoyed
That Are Outside My Comfort Zone

TTT for September 3, 2019


For this edition of #TopTenTuesday, we are talking about Books I Enjoy That Are Outside My Comfort Zone.

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1. Time travel stories

I usually don’t like time travel stories, but it works here, with a nice mix of history and cultural touches.

Vintage 1954

2-3. Manga

I have tried to read Manga, but often I didn’t like them. Except these:
The Secret World of Arrietty is actually a Film Comic Adaptation, I didn’t even know such a thing existed. This story is cute, and the artwork is just stunning!
I was surprised to love Orange, because it’s basically a teenage love story, but the art is well done (essential for me), and the plot is actually intriguing and original. I quickly devoured the two thick volumes of it.

 Orange The Secret World of Arrietty

4. Ghost stories

I about never read ghost stories, but I won this book for somebody else. Before giving it to the person, I opened it, and devoured it! I was really surprised to enjoy this Middle Grade ghost story. Very rich story!


5. Hemingway

I really don’t like his books, except this one, a beautiful memoir on his time in Paris.

A Moveable Feast

6-7. Political books

Another genre I almost never read. But these were surprisingly very well done and interesting.

 Fear Democracy in Chains

8-9. WWII  and YA

Having read so much about WWII in my French curriculum and in novels, I now try to stay away form it. However, these 2 books were amazing, the first one for the quality and originality of the writing, the second for the content (WWII and YA, 2 categories I rarely read in).

 HHhH Defy the night

10. Essays

I rarely read short stories or essays collections, because I usually feel the end comes too abruptly. This one however, was fabulous, being written by an amazing author.Chronicles of a Liquid Society

Have you read any of these?
Any other good title you would recommend
in these categories?


21 thoughts on “Top Ten Books Outside My Comfort Zone

  1. Interesting list. One should try to go outside the comfort zone sometimes. It will probably surprise you. I seldom do though. I always said I don’t like time travel, but love Outlander and The Time Traveller’s Wife. I don’t know what it says about me. Maybe I have to change my mind? Liked a moveable feast and is eager to read more by him, and about him. Manga and Ghost stories, hmm, no, I don’t think so. Possibly the Canterville Ghost which I have already read. Political books,nja…WWII and YA, read to many of the first and not so many of the second. Essays, seldom but for Umberto Eco it is always open.


  2. I often, or should I say usually, read outside my comfort zone. It acts as some kind of therapy for me. I rarely read romance though which I am not comfortable with because I usually find those books unreal. I am about to read A Moveable Feast and am glad to know you liked it so much. The only Hemingway book I have truly liked was For Whom the Bell Tolls.


  3. Ah, it is nice when a book outside our comfort zone surprises us! It’s funny, I used to think sci-fi and time travel were outside of mine, and then I picked a few up, and now I can’t get enough! Funny how that works! And some, like classics, have simply never worked for me. Glad you were able to find these gems outside your usual fare!


  4. Your first few choices were uncannily close to my own ‘out of comfort’ books. I too dislike ghost stories – anything that is not ‘real’ in fact so that includes spirits. Time travel doesn’t appeal much either. I;ve never read a Manga and would only go looking for one out of curiousity.


  5. I usually don’t read manga, or read much outside my comfort zone, but I might have to try these! They sound so interesting! I’ve always been curious about trying manga, but never knew where I should start!


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