2019: May-June-July wrap-up


A lot has been going on these last three months, and I haven’t done much blogging. I plan to be more active again, so I’ll start with this mega three months recap, as last one was for April!!

On another level, after 14 months or work, I have finally decided to stop translating for Orthodoxie.com/en. It was fascinating work, and gave me the opportunity to keep up with Orthodox news throughout the world, but they have no fund, and I was getting only a few dollars per hour. As I needed many hours to translate every day, I also had less time to teach French, so even less income coming!

Until next major translation project, I plan to do more marketing for France Book Tours – if you know new bloggers who are looking to review books, tell them about it. I’m going to have new titles, with even more incentive! The general sign up page is here.

I would also like to dedicate more time to preparing my next book. A third of it is ready. The book was commissioned by a publisher, it will be another anthology (I published my first one eleven years ago!), but this time from Orthodox authors, and for each day of the year.

Before going into books, I’d like to share this awesome service I found through @EmAndHerBooks. You can post all your links in one place. See my result. Really cool!

Enough chatting, let’s go back to my reading.
I’ll give the numbers per month, for my year stats, and then the list by genre for the all this period.

So here is what I read in May:

5 books:
4 in print 
with 1,254 pages, an average of 40 pages/day
1 in audio
= 12H29
, an average of 24 minutes

In June: 

8 books:
4 in print 
with 1,254 pages, (yes! the exact same number of pages as in May!),
an average of 41 pages/day
4 in audio!
= 38H50
, an average of 1H17!

And in July:

6 books:
5 in print 
with 1,521 pages, an average of 49 pages/day
1 in audio
= 6H49
, an average of 13 minutes

So that’s a total of 19 books, in the following genres:

12 in mystery:

  1. Crimson Lake, by Candice Fox
  2. Redemption Point, by Candice Fox
  3. The Night Before, by Wendy Walker
  4. A Long Way Down, by Randall Silvis – for Criminal Element
  5. A Better Man, by Louise Penny – for Criminal Element
  6. The Gomorrah Gambit, by Tom Chatfield – for Criminal Element
  7. The Sentence is Death, by Anthony Horowitz – ebook
  8. The Reunion, by Guillaume Musso – for Criminal Element
  9. La fille de Brooklyn, by Guillaume Musso – in audio
  10. La vie secrète des écrivains, by Guillaume Musso – in audio
  11. Sang Famille, by Michel Bussi – in audio
  12. J’ai dû rêver trop fort, by Michel Bussi – in audio

3 in nonfiction:

  1. Talk to Me: How Voice Computing Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Think, by James Vlahos – ebook
  2. Travels with Charley, by John Steinbeck – audio, for Classics Club
  3. If You Love Me, by Matthew the Poor

2 in literary fiction:

  1. Exposed, by Jean-Philippe Blondel – for France Book Tours
  2. Vintage 1954, by Antoine Laurain

1 in science fiction:

  1. We, by Yevgeny Zamyatin- audio, for Classics Club

1 in dystopia:

  1. The Memory Police, by Yoko Ogawa – ebook

I have a few reviews almost ready to go, so I should be able to post them these coming weeks.

Obviously, with so many great titles, it’s really hard to pick a couple of favorites, so I’ll focus on great books by new to me authors.


Talk to me


Classics Club: 45/50 (until end of 2020)
2019 Calendar of Crime Challenge 15/12?
Where Are You Reading?: 21/50 – to be finished in ??
Total of books read in 2019 = 52/100
Number of books added to my TBR this past month= 11


The Reunion

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The Fire of Winter
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Come back tomorrow
to see the books I plan to read in August

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How was YOUR month of July?


Nicole at Feed Your Fiction Addiction
has created a Month In Review meme
where you can link your monthly recap posts
Thanks Nicole!



14 thoughts on “2019: May-June-July wrap-up

  1. I have read Travels With Charlie and liked it, but then I like everything written by Steinbeck. I am glad to see I am still a top commenter here even though I don’t usually comment on the give-away posts. I am happy for you that you will have more time to read! And review!


    • Same here, I so enjoy Steinbeck, East of Eden being my favorite. I was hesitant, because another reader told me Travels with Charley was kind of old. But t was so fascinating to see his own portrait of the times. And here’s so much humor in his book! Ah yes, reviewing!! I’m so so behind. After almost 10 years of book blogging, and I haven’t found the balance yet between times for reading and for reviewing… Any secret tip??


  2. Perfectly understandable that you couldn’t continue with that translation work – instead of bringing you an income it was costing you money. still, I expect it was not an easy decision after all that time.

    The James Vlahos book sounds interesting and would be a good parallel read to one I have accepted for review recently about language and social media/use of internet


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