Book review: A Long Way Down

A Long Way Down
by  Randall Silvis
Sourcebooks/Poisoned Pen Press

Mystery/Crime fiction
464 pages



I discovered Randall Silvis fairly recently and have read three of his books in a short time. He has a unique way of writing crime fiction, so I didn’t hesitate a second to read his new novel, A Long Way Down.

This is the third book in the DeMarco series, and it might be good to first read the previous two, Two Days Gone and Walking The Bones, especially as there are several references to both of them at the beginning. Plus, you can better understand the dynamic between the characters, which is an essential element in Silvis’s books—maybe even more in this one than in the others.

VERDICT: Crime fiction and borderline metaphysical. Try Randall Silvis now!

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