Man Booker International Prize 2019 Shadow Panel shortlist

Longlist book stack2


Man Booker International Prize 2019 Shadow Panel shortlist

This year, our Shadow Panel counts 11 judges. Everyone worked really hard and most judges read most of the 13 books featured on the longlist.
Here is the shortlist our Shadow Panel came up with:

2019 shortlists

As you can see, our Shadow Panel shortlist has 5 books in common with the official shortlist – just as mine also had 5 in common with the official list, but with a different 6th title.

This is all pretty similar.
This is probably due to the fact that the longlist was rather weak this year, without too many outstanding titles.
And as most the books were very fairly short, our team of judges managed to read a lot. I’m amazed I personally managed to read 12, in so few weeks.
“Every book was read by at least 8 judges, and most by at least ten (Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead was the only one with everyone’s score).

What next?
Our winner will be announced on May 21, a few hours before the official winner is announced.
NB: the book I would pick as the winner is on the official shortlist and the Shadow Panel shortlist!

If you want more details, come this way to read our chairman’s post.



6 thoughts on “Man Booker International Prize 2019 Shadow Panel shortlist

  1. Great! Still impressed with all the books you read. I did a similar thing, on my own, with the Tournament of Books this year. I read 13 out of 18 titles, though I had already read about 6 before the list came out. There is something so rewarding about a whole group of people reading the same books at the same time and then blogging/discussing on it.


      • Sorry about that. If you are on my blog on a desktop (or web view on a phone or tablet) there should be a search box at the very top on the left, into which you can put titles, authors or tags. At least that is what I do when searching my own blog.
        I had several I was routing for at TOB: Call Me Zebra, The Overstory (at least he won the Pulitzer), Washington Black, The Mars Room. Those are all reviewed on the blog. Actually it was one of the better lists of all the years of the tournament.


        • oh thanks, I had tried that box on other blogs, and it didn’t search n their blog, that was weird, so I hadn’t tried on yours. of course it works beautifully. thanks. I’m really curious about The Overstory


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