The top 7 books to read in March 2019

Here are

The top 7 books
I plan to read in March 2019

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     The Woman in the window


Don Quixote is a read-along with Nick (see his read-alongs for the whole year)
and Silvia Cachia (great input and resources). Still working slowly on it, basically on my own.

The Woman in the Window
I hadn’t read it yet, so I thought it would be good to do it with a readalong for #MarchMysteryMadness
Talk about unreliable narrator! And possibly also unreliable author, who seems to have too closely followed a couple of movies for his plot, but it seems to be well written so far, and that’s what ultimately counts for me.

Poustina is a classic of spirituality on silence, solitude, and prayer. I actually think I read it some thirty years ago in French, but it’s good to revisit it. Excellent passages.

I’m actually not counting here another read-along: with one of my French students, I read a couple of chapters of Les Misérables in French per day.


Now, this part is tricky, let me explain.
In 2015, I joined the IFFP Shadow Panel. It’s basically a bunch of book bloggers who started this because one year, they thought the award should have gone to another book. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and discovered amazing authors in the process. So I have decided to do it again this year.
In the meantime, the prize has been renamed the ManBooker International Prize (#MBIP2019) (and looks like next year it will still have another name, has Man is no longer the sponsor).
Tony has just posted who is part of the Shadow Panel this year, we are 11! A great reading team, I feel so honored to be part of it.
The long list will be released on March 13, so I don’t know yet which titles I’l need to read. I hope it will contain two or three titles I have already read, for instance Hear Our Defeats and Killing Commendatore.

If I have time before March 13, I may read

The Republic If you love me  

 The Republic
US release: April 30, 2019
Received for review
“A gripping academic novel about deception and self-deception, ambition, the love of history as entertainment, and the hunt for the perfect enemy.”

If You Love Me: Serving Christ and the Church in Spirit and Truth
My husband has been raving about this book, so I think that will be my next spiritual book. Plus I have really enjoyed other books by the same author, Father Matthew the Poor (Coptic Christian)


       Walden  Petit pays

For The Classics Club
The audio format is working well for me. I’m actually listening to a Librivox recording (volunteer readers – and YOU can become one!).
Wow, we think we invented minimalism, but this guy is absolutely the father of minimalism. “Thoreau-ly” (couldn’t resist) enjoying its ideas, though a few passages are long and preachy.

Petit Pays
The book was published in 2016 in French. It won major awards and was nominated for several others. I have a very good feeling it will be on the longlist and possibly shortlist of the ManBooker international Prize.
I have studied passages with some of my students, I think it’s high time to listen to it all.
French-Rwandan Gaël Faye is an author, composer and hip hop artist. He was born in 1982 in Burundi, and has a Rwandan mother and French father.


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As mentioned above, mostly the Man Booker International Shadow Panel.
And a bit of March Mystery Madness.

Eiffel Tower Orange




10 thoughts on “The top 7 books to read in March 2019

  1. I have not read any of the books you mention except Walden, probably in school. Loved your minimalist comment on that! March will be my usual mix of old, new, TBR titles, translated lit. I plan to finish the second volume of the biography of Martin Luther King by Taylor Branch. Pillar of Fire. At last. I have been reading it for some months.


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