Top Ten places to visit

Top Ten Places Mentioned In Books
That I’d Like to Visit

TTT for February 26, 2019


For this edition of #TopTenTuesday, we are talking about
“Places Mentioned In Books That I’d Like to Visit” (submitted by Georgia @justreadthemm).
Here are actually the 10 places I most recently visited in books. The first 7 books alone are books I have read in 2019.
And yes, I would love to visit them all, definitely Japan!

Orange HHhH

  1. Japan
  2. Czechoslovakia

The Goose Fritz La vie mode demploi

3 and 4: Germany and Russia
5: France

The Moonstone The Plotters

6. England
7. South Korea

The only woman in the room Che

8. Austria
9. Cuba

Kingdom of the Blind

10. Canada

Have you read any of these? Which one is your favorite?
What is the place encountered in books
you would most want to visit?



23 thoughts on “Top Ten places to visit

    • I have friends there, a Japanese couple that I met one day in a park, as they were birding like me. We started talking, and when they realized I had a French accent, they told me they had lived and worked in France for many years. So we became friends. Alas, they were asked to go back and work in Japan recently, but that could make a trip easier!


    • I went there last Fall and loved it – Quebec (hiking in Mont Tremblant and around). I feel I really know well Quebec City for walking many hours for 3 days, at the end, I was giving directions to other visitors!, knowing both French and English. And to the Eastern townships in and around Knowlton, that inspired Three Pines (see Louise Penny’s series).


      • Mainly I don’t travel long distances by plane because I have developed back trouble and the plane trip ruins me for a few days. Road trips are my thing now. Plus airports, the cramped seats, the security, all make flying so unpleasant.


        • I see, that makes sense. Though you also have to be careful to stop every two hours and walk a bit when traveling by car. Otherwise, you can have similar problems, my back could talk to yours about it


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