Mailbox Monday January 28

Mailbox Monday2

Mailbox Monday


  the night before   cocktails with a dead man

The Night Before:
release date May 14
Sometimes, you enter so many giveaways, you don’t remember. Or do you keep track?
I’d like to know your practice on that.
Anyway, I was happily surprised when I got a package form St. Martin’s Press, with an ARC I had won.
I know nothing about the book, and will dive into it blindly, as I have already thoroughly enjoyed two books by Wendy Walker: All is Not Forgotten and Emma in the Night.

Cocktails With a Dead Man:
released on January 15
A collection of 74 poems. I have not read poetry for a while, and the author sounds interesting, so I accepted his ebook for review



18 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday January 28

  1. I hardly ever win advance copies though I enter for lots of them. Last week 6 new books came in to my house. 3 from the library. 2 I ordered. 1 from my Nervous Breakdown Book Club subscription. I finished reading 3 books. Clearly the balance is off!


      • I’ve only read Slaughterhouse Five, but I loved it so much that I bought this other title. I started with SF because it’s a classic they ask, or used to ask, teens to read in high school, so I figured it’d be a good one to begin with. I wasn’t wrong. There was something impressive. His way of transmitting the pain and absurdity of the war, the humor, -not light, but more on the absurd, or sad-, that makes this unusual book seem pretty real. I don’t see me reading any historical fiction around the wars anymore, -why would I, when I can read Vonnegut or biographies that are literary and so honest?


  2. I have a table where I write down when I enter a contest or I totally forget.

    I do forget to write some down and am quite puzzled but happy when the book does arrive. That actually drives me crazy when I can’t remember what the circumstances are for the book because I like to thank the publisher and/or author.

    ENJOY…I have that book too.



  3. Both books look interesting.
    I rarely enter giveaways anymore unless I really intend to read the book sooner than later. The year I started my blog I won in the neighborhood of 285 books in one year. I kept track in a spreadsheet of entries and wins. Since I started reviewing, first with publishers and over the past few years with tours and NetGalley, I have plenty to read without entering giveaways.
    Getting a surprise in the mail or even email is always pleasant.
    Happy Reading!


    • Funny, I used to exactly do that: enter giveaway only of books I REALLY wanted to read. But then recently, I realized requesting an ARC for review, and entering a giveaway is different. I don’t feel obliged to read a book I won, and I have 12 members in my book club… They are an older generation and don’t blog, so they love it when I can give them free books. That can help authors as well: one day, I gave my ARC copy of a book to one member, and he liked it so much that he bought other books by the same author!


  4. I don’t keep track of the competitions I enter. I enter so many but most publishers send an email if you win.
    I won one book last week ‘Before She Knew Him’. Enjoy your books.


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