Short reviews: the Monkey, the Hen, and the Swan

I recently read three books featuring animals:

The Monkey, the Hen, and the Swan

  baby monkey  the hen who dreamed she could fly   the trumpet of the swan

Baby Monkey, Private Eye (192 pages, published on 2/27/2018) is the latest picture book by Brian Selznick.
Most of you probably know this amazing author and illustrator. If not, I highly recommend you to start with The Invention of Hugo Cabret.
Baby Monkey is like a little mystery for young children. I enjoyed the cute story, but mostly the amazing illustrations. If you look closely, they are packed with fascinating details. Don’t worry if you missed them, they are listed and explained at the end of the book.

At the end of December, I finally read The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly (134 pages, published on 11/26/2013, translated from the Korean).
This is Sprout’s story. Sprout is a hen who is supposed to lay eggs every day. But she’s getting old and sick and can no longer do so. So she hatches (sorry, couldn’t resist) a plan to experience freedom outdoors with the other animals of the farm. She will meet friends and mostly enemies, but one day, something special will happen to her, that will give her a new incentive to live.
it’s a beautiful story about freedom, identity, and motherhood, though sad as well.

The previous book is more for adults, whereas the next book is by a favorite children book author.
I totally fell under the spell of Charlotte’s Web, so I decided to read more by E. B. White, and chose The Trumpet of the Swan (252 pages, first published in 1970).

You have probably all read it. It’s a beautiful book about friendship (between a young boy and a swan), love, about handicap (imagine being a swan and not being able to sing), resourcefulness (to overcome one’s handicap), and honesty. Louis the Swan, as a honest swan, is going to have to work really hard to fix a difficult situation.
There are all kinds of beautiful passages related to landscape and life outdoors.
Besides, the book is full of humor, especially in the dialogues between Louis’s parents!

My next plan is to read Stuart Little, and a biography of the author. Any recommendation?

Which biography of White would you recommend?


Other books featuring some sorts of animals:

L'homme à l'envers  Quand-sort-la-recluse  home-of-the-brave



17 thoughts on “Short reviews: the Monkey, the Hen, and the Swan

  1. We’ve read The Invention of Hugo Cabret, and Trumpet of the Swan together, (the girls and I), so I welcome your recommendation of the Baby Monkey… book. His illustrations are captivating.


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