My 2018 Goodreads year in books

Goodreads 2018 year

For each user, Goodreads just published their “My Year in Books” post.
please click on the logo to read mine.

I never understand why they do this so early: yes, I will not reach my 100 books goal, but I should be able to read 10 more before the end of the year.

Three books that stand out:

  Killing Commendatore  Love and invention

Killing Commendatore
is highlighted as the longest book I read this year. And I enjoyed each of its 688 pages.

Love and Invention
is listed as the Highest rated on Goodreads: 4.86! Congrats to Benjamin Constable

I Let you go

I Let You Go
is the most popular of my 2018 reads: 96,330 other people read it as well.
I gave it 4 stars, but didn’t take time to review it!

At the beginning of 2019, I will be publishing my detailed statistics for 2018.




12 thoughts on “My 2018 Goodreads year in books

  1. I have not looked at mine yet. I think it is unconscionable that they post these so early. What do they think? We don’t read anything in December? I think it is a marketing ploy or reeks of click bait mentality. I do know they have one of my books read on my list twice and I can’t get the duplicate removed. Oh well, I guess we all have flaws.


  2. I always wait until the last day or so before posting my end of year stats because I’m always hopeful of finishing one more or finding a new favorite. Looking forward to reading your end of year stats!


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