It’s Monday! What are you reading? Nov 26

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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?
and WWW Wednesdays

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little culinary triumphs


Skeleton Key


Ne lache pas ma main

Little Culinary Triumphs:
release date Dec 4
This one was so French weird. A lot of sexy stuff, especially at the beginning, some hilarious wacky things, AND delicious food! It took me a while to realize how everything is connected.
I’ll try to publish my review on Nov 29.

Skeleton Key:
#3 in the Alex Rider series. In these YA mysteries, Horowitz displays the same cleverness and great writing as in his latest books for adults, for instance The Word is Murder.
I really enjoyed this one too. Great plot, super suspense. Plus looks like Alex is sent each time to a different country, this time that was in Cuba.
It’s also interesting that Alex goes to his missions dragging his feet, he would prefer just to be a regular kid. I’m curious to see him grow along the series.

Ne lâche pas ma main:
Another amazing book by Bussi.
Did you see? I just did a vlog to make you discover who Bussi is!
This couple is spending vacation at a sea resort on the island of La Réunion, with their 6 year old daughter. One day when they are at the swimming pool, the wife says she’s going up to her bedroom for a minute. An hour later, as she’s not back, the husband goes up. The bedroom is empty, but no one has seen her leave. Where is she?
The suspense was crazy! And there were lots of great details on the island and nature – the author is a history/geography teacher.
The book cover sends you to the English version: Don’t Let Go.



A Geek in Japan


The Shadow Land



A Geek in Japan: 
This book is a wonderful presentation of the history and culture of Japan. My only regret is that it’s written very small. The cover is deceiving, this is not like that at all inside, though there are lots of illustrations – bit not manga style (except the chapter on manga of course).

The Shadow Land:
Yes, I finally started it! There are 2 plots going on at the same time, with alternate chapters, set in two different times of the life of the main character. Very enjoyable so far.

Yes, if you click on the cover, you land on my review, so I already read it.
So here is what happened:
As you know if you’ve been following this blog for a while, Ready Player One is my most favorite audiobook EVER, mostly thanks to its narrator, the amazing Wil Wheaton.
I loved the book so much, I didn’t want to watch the movie, fearing to be disappointed. Eventually, I read about it, and it seemed good. So I did watch it, and yes, the movie is very good!
After watching it, I thought about Cline’s next book: Armada. And I realized Wheaton was also its narrator. I must have totally missed that! So I decided to revisit the book, this time by listening to it. I remember the plot, but listening to Wheaton is pure delight.
I’m almost done, it is so so good!



The Book Artist




Maman a tort

The Book Artist:
Possibly this 2019 release. I really enjoy a lot the author. I have read 5 of his books, set in Paris. The last one was The Sorbonne Affair

Hikikomori and the Rental Sister:
I may read this one next. On the hikikomori phenomenon, common in Japan, and many other places now too.

Maman a tort:
(English translation: The Wrong Mother – March 7, 2019)
For my audiobooks, I go back and forth between EStories – when I get my monthly credit I order a French audiobook. When I’m out, I use my public library, focusing on classics and books on my TBR.
So, with my monthly credit, I’ll listen to this one by Bussi: a 3 year old tells his school psychologist his mum is actually not his mum…


NOV 30 

The Song Peddler

NOV 15-30 


DEC 22 

$50 Amazon Gift Card
Crimes Past



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  1. I am about to start Second Life by S J Watson. It is supposed to be an erotic, psychological thriller. I hope it is a page turner. I look forward to your review of The Shadow Land.


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