Nonfiction November 2018: Expert on books on books



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Three ways to join in this week!
You can either share 3 or more books
on a single topic that you have read and can recommend (be the expert),
you can put the call out for good nonfiction on a specific topic
that you have been dying to read (ask the expert),
or you can create your own list of books
on a topic that you’d like to read (become the expert).

This year, I would love to become the expert, on reading these nonfiction books-on-books that have been on my TBR for a while

Click on the covers to know more about them

books on books expert 1

books on books expert 2




42 thoughts on “Nonfiction November 2018: Expert on books on books

  1. I just added most of that list to my TBR. I recently enjoyed a small book about one’s reading life called “I’d Rather Be Reading.” The nonfiction I mostly gravitate to is true crime and humorous memoirs.


      • I have definitely read a lot of true crime this year. Someone recommended Ann Rule to me, so that is where I started. She is fantastic! Her most famous book is “The Stranger Beside Me”. I also enjoyed Michelle McNamara’s “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark.” “The Poisoner’s Handbook” was really amazing as well. It was a bit of science, history and true crime all rolled into one book.


        • Ah yes, one of my book club member presented that one a while ago. And so many bloggers mentioned I’ll Be Gone in the Dark. And thanks for The Poisoner’s Handbook, sounds fascinating indeed, just added it to my TBR!


  2. Holy cow, I love books about books but I haven’t read any of these yet! I did DNF one, though. 😉 Leave Me Alone, I’m Reading is the one I would start with because that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately, hehehe. Great list!


  3. You might like to add 84 Charing Cross Road to your list (if you haven’t already read it). I’m reading one by an Australian at the moment called Books that Saved My Life: Reading for Wisdom, Solace and Pleasure by Michael McGirr. It’s lovely.

    I’ve been meaning to look out for the Susan Hill book as well, but keep forgetting – your list prompted me to add it to my goodreads wishlist so I don’t forget anymore.

    Good luck – although I suspect your TBR pile will blow out even more by the time you reach the end of them all!


  4. Books about books are always a joy to read. Of the titles you’ve shared I’ve read just the one – Howard’s End is on the Landing: A Year of Reading from Home by Susan Hill; I really quite enjoyed it. I hope you have a similar experience when you get to this book, and all the others!


  5. I love books about books. I haven’t read any of those ones (because I mostly read books I get for review) but I’ve heard of the first one and want to read it. I DO have a review book right now that’s about books though: I’d Rather Be Reading by Ann Vogel. I’m only a few chapters in but I love it already. You should definitely check it out.


  6. Great idea! I have read 4 of the ones you listed and loved them all. So Many Books, Ex Libris, Yellow-Lighted Bookshop, and Leave Me Alone. Perhaps I am mini-expert on this topic?


  7. I love books about books too. The only one of the ones you’ve listed that I’ve read is Howard’s End is on the Landing. It’s very good – I’ve also just finished Susan Hill’s, Jacob’s Room is Full of Books, also very good. I’d also recommend Bookworm by Lucy Mangan.


    • oh wow, Susan Hill speaks about Aelred of Rievaulx!! One of my favorite medieval writer, it’s unusual to see his name outside scholars writings. thanks, added to my list! Bookworm is already on my list. Thanks so much!


  8. This is one of my favourite topics too! I’ve read five of these and dabbled in the old/rare one. My favourite of the bunch you’ve listed is Anne Fadiman’s collection of essays. She has a very thoughtful way of writing. It’s the opposite mood from your first one (which I liked, rather than loved). Another I’ve heard good things about, which I just picked up from the library, is Michael Dirda’s Browsings.


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