It’s Monday! What are you reading? November 12

 It's Monday! What Are You Reading2 WWW Wednesdays 2

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?
and WWW Wednesdays

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The Blue


Love in lowercase


The Clockmaker's Daughter

The Blue:
OMG, this was a-ma-zing, about an important moment in the history of porcelain making, in England and France, in the 1750s. My most favorite histfic of the year so far.
Review scheduled for Nov 27

Love in lowercase:
This was a cute quirky novel, highlighting how one apparently small event can lead to dramatic changes in your life. Samuel had no idea that offering milk to a stray cat coming at his door would change his solitary days into a new year of discovery.
It felt a bit Japanese, which is interesting, as the author has actually co-authored a book on Ikigai (see below).
At a deeper level, I’m not sure I agree with some metaphysical conclusions.
Samuel is a linguistics lecturer, so there are tons of references to all kinds of novels by authors from different countries. A quick, charming, and fascinating read.

The Clockmaker’s Daughter:
Quite confusing to begin with, but overall enjoyable. I plan to write a long review for this one





little culinary triumphs


Ne lache pas ma main

Fascinating, about the Japanese concept of ikigai – a reason for living, as the root of happiness.

Little Culinary Triumphs:
release date Dec 4
This French author is quite popular, but I haven’t read anything by her yet,
so I’m seizing the opportunity to find it on Edelweiss, even if it’s in translation

Ne lâche pas ma main:
OMG, what suspense! I’m almost done. This is another great success by Bussi.
The book cover sends you to the English version: Don’t Let Go.



Skeleton Key


The Shadow Land


The Moonstone

Skeleton Key:
Next on my Alex Rider binge. In these YA mysteries, Horowitz displays the same cleverness and great writing as in his latest books for adults, for instance The Word is Murder

The Shadow Land:
“an engrossing novel that spans the past and the present and unearths the dark secrets of Bulgaria

The Moonstone:
I’ve been listening so fast to my current audiobook by Bussi, that I’ll need to listen to an audiobook from my library before I can get a new credit on EStories.
So I decided to go with this classic for The Classics Club.
I actually started listening to it during a trip last June, but the trip was not long enough and I never finished it. I’ll be restarting from the beginning.
And on Hoopla, I found a version with several narrators, might be better for this long audiobook (22H28)



The Song Peddler

More giveaways on November 15!


30 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading? November 12

  1. I too found The Clockmaker’s Daughter confusing. Had to go back several times to see who the character was in relation to house. Was VERY sad at ending, but ….felt like Berdie was my friend.😥

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Last night I finished Anne Tyler’s first (1964) novel, If Morning Ever Comes. Then I started Margaret Drabble’s second novel, The Garrick Year, 1964. I have been neglecting My Big Fat Reading Project lately because of so many excellent new releases.


  3. Love in Lowercase sounds really cute- I like books that explore what happens from a single chance encounter or set-ups like that. Sounds like it would be a fun movie too.

    Happy reading!


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