NaNoWriMo 2018 spin – week 1



I know several bloggers are seizing the opportunity of NaNoWriMo to finally work on the novel they have always wanted to write. This may come one day for me as well, though I would first need to finish my second nonfiction book.

Which may not happen too soon, as I’m busy daily teaching French and translating into English articles for, a French website dedicated to Christian Orthodox world news.

BUT translating can be as arduous as writing a novel, so I have decided to count for myself the number of words I write daily for this job, plus blog posts such as book reviews. As this is not technically a novel, I didn’t sign up into the official challenge.

I plan on doing a weekly wrap-up. My goal is an average of 750 words per working day over the month of November.

November 1: 691 w.

November 2: 850 w.

November 3: 199 w.

November 5: 707 w.

November 6: 1028 w.

November 7: 990 w.

TOTAL in 6 days = 4,465 w.
Average so far per working day = 744 w.




10 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2018 spin – week 1

  1. It takes a lot of dedication to commit this much time to write but all established authors say that it’s essential if you want to make progress. I can’t see me ever writing a novel but recently I’ve been writing a lot for my other blog which is on my other interest of genealogy


  2. Not doing Nanawrimo because my book is autobiography, not a novel. But I am catching up on all the books I have read but not reviewed yet for the blog. Then I am going to stay caught up and write my own book on the days I am not reviewing. I hope it works!


  3. Counting up all your writing is a great idea! I think there’s a NaNoWriMo group for non-traditional writing goals, The Rebels, I think they call themselves. I’m writing my first novel — boy, does that seem weird to write! But I won’t hit 50,000 words by Nov.30. Maybe by New Years Day. Still, I’ve begun, which can be the hardest part.


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