Nonfiction November 2018: Book Pairings



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Book Pairings

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This week, pair up a nonfiction book with a fiction title.
It can be a “If you loved this book, read this!”
or just two titles that you think would go well together.
Maybe it’s a historical novel and you’d like to get the real history
by reading a nonfiction version of the story.

Today, I’m offering you 3 novels paired with 3 nonfiction books I read this year

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Claude MONET

Monet  Black Water Lilies

The nonfiction book, a graphic biography of Claude Monet, was extremely well done, and gorgeous. 
I listened to this amazing thriller by Michel Bussi. I listened to the original in French, but I assume the English translation is just as good. It’s all set in Giverny, Monet’s village. If you have not read Bussi yet, it’s time to start!



 Conan Doyle for the Defense  a-study-in-scarlet

Conan Doyle for the Defense is an excellent presentation of how the author did real life investigation, using Sherlock Holmes‘s techniques. It’s also a great social study.
So obviously to go with it, I highlight the very first story with Holmes. I read all his books with Sherlock Holmes in 2017, short stories and novels. 



 The Piano shop  Bel Canto

The Piano Shop on the Left Bank is a beautiful journey of (re)discovery of music in one’s life, with tons of fascinating details on piano making and tuning. 
Even though it’s not exactly the same type of music, if you are a music lover, you will enjoy Bel Canto, as music and singing help people communicate in a tragedy.   



28 thoughts on “Nonfiction November 2018: Book Pairings

  1. All three are great pairings. I love crime & detective novels, with the Sherlock Holmes series being some of my favourites, so I’m naturally more drawn to that pairing. I actually added the nonfiction title to my wishlist when you mentioned it in the opening #NonficNov post. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Three excellent pairings! I’ll have to keep an eye out for Black Water Lilies and the graphic bio of Monet. Giverny seems like it’d make for an interesting setting for a thriller.


  3. Great pairings.

    I had a Monet biography out from the library but didn’t get it read – Mad Enchantment: Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies by Ross King. It was a finalist for the Charles Taylor Prize, a nonfiction award so it should be good. It has pretty good ratings on Librarything.

    I’ve read Bel Canto and A Study in Scarlet. There are so many adaptations of Holmes that I’ve enjoyed, that reading a NF would be interesting.


    • thanks for mentioning Mad Enchantment. Overall great rating on Goodreads, but several mention the writing is dry and focuses more on the historical background than the man himself.
      If you enjoy S. Holmes, you will love this one, it’s fascinating to see how CD applied SH’s techniques in real life investigation


  4. Those are great themes.The Monet pair really appeals to me. (But I love Bel Canto too.) For another painting theme, I would suggest the fictionalized biography of Emily Carr, the novel The Forest Lover and, for non-fiction, either Emily Carr’s own journals, beginning with Klee Wyck or a non-fiction memoir-styled volume by Susan Crean which considers Emily Carr’s life and work but also Crean’s life.


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