Top Ten Backlist Books I Want to Read

Top Ten  Backlist Books I Want to Read

TTT for November 6, 2018


For these backlist titles, I decided to choose the 10 latest books published in 2017 and listed under my TBR Goodreads shelf.

Click on the covers to know more about these books.
To access them, you may have to click on the “date published” column,
and reorder to see the newest first

backlist 1

backlist 2

Have you read any of these? If I were to pick only one, which one would you recommend?


What’s the backlist book you most want to read soon?



12 thoughts on “Top Ten Backlist Books I Want to Read

  1. I have not read any of the books you list but someday I will read the Isaacson biography of Leonardo da Vinci. My backlist read for November will be The Three Body Problem by Lui Cixin, published in 2016.


    • this book is actually on my TBR, so I’m curious to know what you think.
      I have really enjoyed other books by Isaacson, and I was told this one is actually like a history of art. Nut it’s massive! So it’d better be good!!


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