It’s Monday! What are you reading? October 22


 It's Monday! What Are You Reading2 WWW Wednesdays 2

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?
and WWW Wednesdays


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Killing Commendatore

Killing Commendatore

I devoured this new 680 page novel by Murakami, and I’m still a bit stunned by its beauty, and disappointed I’m done. So far, I kept saying 1Q84 was my favorite by him, but now this one replaces the top place in my chart.
Come back tomorrow to read my full review!



Being There

Being There

I just watched this classic movie, and thought it might be good to read the book. I was shocked to realize, thanks to my lists, that I had read it about 10 years ago, and could not remember doing so, even after rereading the first pages. So I reread it all, it took only a few hours. It’s good, but I think the movie did a fantastic job, and the movie’s ending has more meaning to me than the book’s.


current reads oct 22

same as last week, unless my copy of
The Clockmaker’s Daughter arrives!

up next oct 8


  2 books for grab for the October books of the month giveaway
And this children book giveaway open until Nov 3


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