Mailbox Monday October 8


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Mailbox Monday,
It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?
and WWW Wednesdays

About time to come back to these memes, and as you can see below, I’m going to use it sometimes to insert some much needed short reviews, two today!


The Book Artist
The Book Artist
is the upcoming mystery by Mark Pryor.
SO, I already have a review scheduled for January 2019!!
Like several in the series, the book is set in Paris.
I really enjoy this author.
The last book by him I reviewed was The Sorbonne Affair.


click on the covers to know more about them

The Song Peddler

The Song Peddler of the Pont Neuf

I just finished this fascinating historical novel set in Paris just before the French Revolution.
My review will be published on October 12



On la trouvait plutot jolie

On la trouvait plutôt jolie

I have been recently really enjoying this French author of mysteries in audiobooks.
This one is very moving, as it is about the situation of emigrants from Africa,
as they try to arrive to France.

As you may know, hundreds die every year in the Mediterranean sea.
This is about Leyli, a mother of 3, who works really hard for the sake of her children.
Her life started really tough, but she went over some hurdles and is almost there!
But sometimes, the past catches up with you…
Add to this some corruption where you would not expect to find it,
and you have an amazing novel, with great twists as Bussi knows so well how to do.

He named his heroine Leyli, based on the song by Pierre Perret called Lily (1977),
I just relistened to it, very moving song on immigrants. Here is a good translation

The book was written in 2017, I’m afraid it has not been translated into English yet.
But some other books by Bussi are available in English such as the amazing After The Crash



My review is here

Point Blank

Point Blank

I really enjoy thrillers by Horowitz. The last I reviews was The Word is Murder. So smartly done!

Then I realized that it’s only recently he’s been writing mysteries for adults.
Before that, he was famous for his mysteries for Young Adults, with his hero Alex Rider.

I was curious, and I tried, they are so good as well! They have the same quality of suspense and smart plots.
In volume 1, Stormbreaker,Alex Rider was living with his uncle, until a car accident. Or so was he told.
But Alex is smart, and he knows his uncle would never have forgotten to put on his seatbelt.
He discovers that his uncle was actually working as a spy for the government.
When they realize he knows a lot, they hire him and send him to dangerous missions.

In volume  2, Point Blank, Alex is sent to investigate a special school in the French Alps,
after the fathers of 2 students there have been killed. But this is a very dangerous place…

There’s a lot of suspense, some cool geeky things, to help Alex in his mission, and  man with very original ideas.
I’ll definitely keep reading this series.


currently reading oct 8

oops, in the text, it should read Higashino!


up next oct 8


  2 books for grab for the October books of the month giveaway
And this children book giveaway open until Nov 3



15 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday October 8

  1. I loved The Shadowland! Today I will finish Flood, the last novel by Robert Penn Warren. Then I will read An American Marriage by Tayari Jones. Happy reading to you this week!


  2. “Reading in the Brain” by Stanislas Dehaene; a great insight into how literacy effects the brain and how the brain processes the written word. A reread (first time in 2009) that is even more fascinating the 2nd time around. A must read for parents of children who struggle with dyslexia.


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