Year of reading 2017 part 3

And after my list of 2017 favorites,
as well as my 2017 stats,
here is to a fun wrap up:

Year of reading 2017 part 3

There are a lot of those online, but these are my favorites. The idea is to finish the sentences and answer the questions exclusively with titles I read in 2017.

If you are intrigued by a title, just copy and paste it in the search button, and you will access the review.

– When I was younger I was : Born a Crime
– People might be surprised to discover that I’m: The Woman in Cabin 10
– I will never be: Moriarty
– At the end of a long day I need: A Taste of Paris
– Right now I’m feeling: Emma in the Night
– Someday I want to: (be) The Muralist
– At a party you’d find me: One Sip at a Time
– I’ve never: (been) Under the Channel
– I really don’t enjoy: Everything I Never Told You
– In my next life I want to be: Icon


– If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Beyond the Wild River
– Your favorite form of transportation: Un avion sans elle [a plane without her/wings]
– Your best friend is: My Cousin Rachel
– You and your friends are: The Great and the Good
– What’s the weather like: Highland Storm
– Favorite time of day: La nuit sacrée [the sacred night]
– If your life was: A Forger’s Life
– What is life to you: The World Between Two Covers
– Your fear: The Hound of the Baskervilles
– What is the best advice you have to give: Amour Sans Limites [love without limits]
– Thought for the Day: The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains
– How I would like to die: (in) The Shadow of the Cross
– My soul’s present condition: Ordinary Victories

I began the day with Men Without Women.
On my way to work I saw Remnants
and walked by Hell’s Gate
to avoid The Enemies of Versailles,
but I made sure to stop at The Little Paris Bookshop.
In the office, my boss said : Bonjour Kale!
and sent me to research The Sun King Conspiracy.
At lunch with Arsene Lupin, The Gentleman-Burglar,
I noticed The Hidden Keys
under Charlotte’s Web
then went back to my desk, Un lieu incertain [an uncertain place].
Later, on the journey home, I bought Sourdough
because I have Venetian Blood;
then settling down for the evening, I picked up The Golden Key
and studied The Screwtape Letters
before saying goodnight to The Obituary Writer


I have so much fun with this every year!
Have you tried with the titles of the books you read in 2017?


In 2017, I participated in 4 Reading Challenges, and a few virtual book tours.
Classics Club: 21/50 (until end of 2018) or 30/59!
Back to the Classics Challenge: 6/6-12 – finished
Mount TBR: 22/48 – unfinished!!
Where Are You Reading?: 21/50 – to be finished in ??



To simplify and focus on priorities, I will only continue The Classics Club and The Official Mount TBR Challenge.
My dream is to be able to review all the books I’ll read in 2018, with much shorter reviews for books not received for review. It will require discipline, not to jump into a new book the minute I finished one. So possibly less books read in total. We’ll see…

A big Thank You to all of you,
book bloggers
and other readers who subscribed to this blog
through email, bloglovin, wordpress, facebook, twitter,
linkedin, pinterest, instagram, youtube,
thanks for stopping by and leaving comments,
with great reading recommendations!
Thanks again for following this blog!

Happy year of reading 2018 to each of you!

Please leave the link of your post in a comment
if you did some of that fun stuff
with the titles you read yourself in 2017,
or if you set special goals


12 thoughts on “Year of reading 2017 part 3

  1. Brava! I loved reading these, so often apt, always clever, and sometimes quite touching! I have not read enough titles this year to play but thanks for sharing your year “between two covers” and how it enriched your life.


  2. You have some great responses to this meme! 🙂

    I didn’t finish my Mount TBR Pile Challenge this year either – I am not sure anyone did! I usually finish, so I’m going to do it again in 2018. I’m also doing the Back to the Classics Challenge, Roof Beam Reader’s TBR Pile challenge, and probably a couple others but not too many – I want to read from my TBR pile and avoid the temptation of bookstores, libraries, and etc.!

    Bon réveillon !


  3. Im impressed by how you managed to link so many books to these prompts.That must have taken a lot of thinking. Not sure I would want Cousin Rachel as my best friend though!
    Hope 2018 proves to be a health and happy year for you….


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  6. Bonne année ! Tes questionnaires sont beaucoup plus fournis ! J’ai adoré le rendu, notamment le 3e qui conte une vraie petite histoire 😉 Je vois que tu as lu Arsène Lupin, j’ai beaucoup d’affection pour ce héros. Je vais aller lire ton billet.


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