The top 11 books I plan to read in December 2017

Here are

The top 11 books I plan to read
in December!

This time, I’m presenting these titles through a video:



13 thoughts on “The top 11 books I plan to read in December 2017

  1. I confess that most of these are new authors to me and the books are mostly outside my normal reading preferences. I should delve into the classics more, for sure. I hope you enjoy all of them:)


  2. I do hope you enjoy The White Tiger. Adiga is one of my favourite Indian writers, largely because I think he gives a much more balanced and less miserable picture of the country than most of the big literary authors. I enjoyed this one, but loved his next one, Last Man in Tower, and his latest, Selection Day, may well appear in my Best of 2017 later this week…


  3. So very nice to hear and see you speak about your books and readings plans, Emma! A lovely idea to share your “booktube” post for your blog readers. You make a good point about footnotes, when reading Paradise Lost vs. Divine Comedy. Although notes can be illuminating in either case, they are really more of a must with Dante!

    Glad you are still enjoying A Curious Collection of Dates! Your Classics Spin did turn out to be the perfect complement, while you are in classic detective literature mode.

    I am planning to read The Old Curiosity Shop by Dickens, or rather, I plan to follow through and finish it this time! Perhaps I will finish a few more things from my teetering piles of TBRs. I don’t listen to many audio books (although I like podcasts and teaching series on CD) but I really enjoyed hearing The Interior Caste read by Karen Savage (with clear and expressive British diction). I want to follow up by reading The Interior Castle Explored by Sr. Ruth Burrows, an excellent Carmelite writer.

    Enjoy your December!


    • Thanks Lucy. Ah, another great Dickens I want to tackle one day. Yes, I think I read some books by Ruth Borrows “in my former life” lol. I have never listened to that type of works though, always read them , easier for me to meditate on them


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