Book review: Enigma



This is the 21st book in the series, so it was about time I tried. However, I didn’t feel lost in Enigma, even though I did not read the previous books. There’s a lot going on here for FBI agents Dillon and Sherlock.


They investigate when a crazy guy enters Kara’s place in Georgetown, a young pregnant woman. He shouts that he wants to save her from somebody.

Who is he? Why is he at Kara’s place? Saving her from whom?

In chapter 2, the following day, we are with three cops as they drive prisoner Liam Hennessey aka Manta Ray, to a high-security facility in Virginia. Just before they arrive, their van is attacked and Ray escapes. How did he manage to organize his escape when he was already in prison? Who helped him?
A witness thinks she saw him near the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky. So another team, with Cam and Jack, goes and searches for him.

The book just spans over 6 days, and it is packed with action and suspense, with lots of various locations (White House, residences, police and FBI headquarters, hospitals, labs) in Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland; on land, on air (helicopter), on water.

There are a lot of people involved, and bigger and bigger things at stake, finally revealing international dimensions.

I especially enjoyed wondering for a long time whether both plots were connected, and if they were, how this could be. The topic related to the labs was also quite interesting and relevant considering what our current society focuses on.

VERDICT:  Double plot story packed with action and suspense.

   rating systemrating systemrating systemEiffel3.5

Author: Catherine Coulter
Publication: 9/12/2017
by Simon & Schuster/Gallery Books
ISBN: 9781501138065
exists also as ebook
Pages: 496


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