Bout of Books 20: Day 2 challenge

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Bout of Books 20:
Day 2 challenge



Synopsis Rewrite

For this challenge, all you have to do is rewrite the synopsis of a book from another character’s point of view. Make it their story instead. If you post on social media, be sure to use #synopsisrewritebob20 to share.

This is cool. This is the first time I do this. here it is. The book is a YA historical fiction/fantasy/time travel, so I tried to write it from the point of view of young Katelyn and her modern style of talking:

Wow, life is getting hectic here! Believe it or not, I was sent back twice in time, to 15th France, and I even married to a young man called Nicolas! AS for me, Katelyn, I’m actually just an American teen, just turning 18, and I have had already so much life experience. I was actually asked to organize the defense of Mont Saint Michel against British soldiers!

It turned out okay, by a miracle of grace. I was relieved to come back to my modern time, I don’t starve here and people smell better, for the most part, BUT my betrothed had to stay behind, plus he was very much injured and in the coma.
So I can’t wait to find a way to get back to him! I really miss him.
AND I just learned I inherited a house in France, AND my English teacher submitted one of my essays to a publisher, and it was accepted! So I’m suddenly getting big bucks and an excuse to go back to France, to discover my house, which is where? On Mont Saint Michel of course!
I have the feeling I’ll be able to meet my love again. I will probably be asked to go help the inhabitants of the island again, but I wonder in what time period, and if I’ll be able to go with Nicolas.

Thank God I can take with me some modern devices that will be super useful I am sure, like a stun gun, a headlight, and stuff like that. I just need to be sure I have enough batteries or some rechargeable ones through the sun, as of course they didn’t have electricity back then. Easy to forget, and that would be a disaster if I were relying only on my iphone!
I’m really eager to know what will happen next, and why really I was entrusted with those special missions, and what this big secret is behind it all.

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