Armchair Book Expo

Armchair Book Expo Day 1:


Armchair Book Expo is back, with a new name. It looks like this is the 4th time I’m doing it, and last year I got to participate “live”, as it was in Chicago, in my corner of the world.

Ok, let’s start. Thanks to our awesome team, who came up with a short and sweet list of prompts for our Introductions. Neat!

I am . . .

Emma, a book blogger since 2010. I’m actually French. I teach French online and I also translate books from English to French, among other things.

Currently . . .

I’m in a middle of a fun audio project: I’m listening to the complete works of Sherlock Holmes, following the chronological order of publication. I have chosen Simon Prebble as a narrator, he’s excellent.
It’s  a wonderful experience, neat to see the evolution of the stories.

I love . . .

…reading, birding, hiking

My favorite . . .

…genres, right now, are historical mysteries and foreign literature (thrillers, literary fiction)

My least favorite . . .

…genre is romance

My current reads . . .


My summer plans . . .

Hiking and birding in the National Shawnee Forest

My blog/channel/social media . . .

Words And Peace is on Facebook,  Twitter, Google+Goodreads, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube

The best . . .

…thriller I have read this month is:

After the Crash

Best Practices

Best Practices in the Online Book Community: Let’s talk about our best practices within the book community. This can range from time management to the use of social media to even ethical obligations. 

I don’t have much time, so just a few things I think important right now, and that I do or aim at doing better:

  • visit other book bloggers and leave comment, or at least click on the “Like” button – unfortunately, some bloggers don’t have this feature on

  • absolutely go visit the blog of someone who left a comment at my place, and leave a comment on one of their posts. This is a regular practice for me

  • back up your blog on a regular basis

  • try to schedule ahead

  • write a review as soon as you finish a book – I’m not there yet!!

  • share on Instagram a picture of a new book I start reading – lots of improvement, but I would like to do this regularly

  • keep your blog as something fun, do not compare to what others do

  • be an active BookTuber!! Hmm, when was my last video??

  • etc.,

  • looking forward to reading what YOUR best practices are